Åke Sundvall

Simplifying administration, maximizing savings


Åke Sundvall is a Swedish family-run company with activities in traditional construction, new production of residential properties and management of residential and office properties. Operations were originally geographically focused on Greater Stockholm, but, over the years, they have expanded to the Öresund region and Uppsala County. Being a family company makes Åke Sundvall flexible and fast-paced – a big advantage in today’s society.

In day-to-day operations, Åke Sundvall found that access management using mechanical keys was very challenging. There was a lot of administration involved and long delivery times for keys and locks.

After hearing about iLOQ, the company decided to run a test by installing iLOQ S10 in a small residential apartment house in central Stockholm. The results were extremely positive.

It’s typical in student housing for keys to be lost or just not returned when apartments change hands. With iLOQ S10, this was no longer a problem. Access rights for lost keys could be cancelled fast, and keys could be reprogrammed quickly and efficiently when the owner of the apartment changed.

Capitalizing on the successful test, Åke Sundvall installed iLOQ S10 in a brand-new student house in a suburb of Stockholm – Tensta. It made sense to install iLOQ cylinders at the very beginning of the construction project. Access rights could be changed and updated at all stages during the process. Once the building was completed, it was easy to reprogram the permissions and hand over the management of the system to the property’s administration staff.

The simplicity of iLOQ has ensured significant lifecycle savings for Åke Sundvall. Greater control over access management means that changes – whether small or large – are handled in a fast and cost-effective way. There’s no longer the need to wait for several days for new locks. And, with no cables or batteries required, resources and maintenance costs have been minimized.

To date, the company has 500 lock cylinders and 1200 keys in operation in apartments and student houses throughout Sweden.

Since installing iLOQour key administration has become so much easier. It’s been a great advantage that we do not have to change the cylinder if a key is lost, and iLOQ hot spot allows us to quickly and simply update access rights for keys remotely – key holders do not have to travel by car to get access to more doors.

Kai Heikkilä, Operations Manager, Åke Sundvall

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