Accommodating tomorrow’s business leaders

The demand for highly educated people is intensifying year on year. The inherent surge in the number of students is putting pressure on educational establishments to accommodate them. In 2017, €13.6 billion was invested in student housing in Europe alone. An increase of 29% on the previous year.

In countries like the Netherlands, student housing is seen as an investment opportunity. However, student housing is more complex than regular residential accommodation due to the many rental transactions, frequent changes in residents and intensive management requirements.

Innovative technology and software

Maintaining the highest levels of security while simplifying access management and keeping costs low are key drivers for owners/administrators of student accommodation. iLOQ’s innovative technology and software position us as the leading provider of digital locking and mobile access management solutions to the student housing market.

The self-powered iLOQ S10 represents a new generation of locking systems. It replaces old-fashioned mechanical master-key locking systems that are reliant on external power sources, such as batteries, with an all-digital and battery-free solution.

Keeping access rights up to date

All iLOQ S10 locking cylinders and keys are programmable. Access rights are handled with the user-friendly iLOQ Manager software, where all users can view up-to-date information on the keys, locks and access rights within the locking system. The access rights are programmed on the key’s microchip with strong encryption, solving the problem of unauthorized copying of keys and ensuring the property’s high level of security year after year. Access rights of a lost iLOQ Key are removed from the system quickly, easily and inexpensively without the need to change any locks.

When many residents move in simultaneously, student housing administrators can set up access rights in advance by utilizing the ‘key programming hotspot’ installed on the premises. This allows for key distribution ahead of time – enabling students to update their access rights on their own schedule. If a resident changes apartments mid-semester, the same key can be reprogrammed to fit totally different access points.

Student accommodation congress

iLOQ is sponsoring and taking part in a ‘Student housing congress’ to be held in Amsterdam in September. It will be the ideal forum to discuss iLOQ’s solutions for the challenges faced by student housing management and staff.

Check our website for further information on solutions for student housing. Or get in touch with us to let us know what challenges you are facing and how we can help you overcome them.

René van Ryt, Country Manager – Netherlands, iLOQ