Smart solutions for discerning residents

The demand for highly educated people is intensifying year on year. However, the inherent surge in the number of students is putting pressure on educational establishments to accommodate them, particularly as the sector bounces back from the pandemic.

According to Knight Frank, one of the world’s leading independent real estate consultancies, the total value of the UK student housing market will hit £72 billion during 2022. In many countries, student housing is seen as a lucrative investment opportunity. However, this sector is more complex than regular residential accommodation due to the many rental transactions, frequent changes in residents and intensive access management requirements.

Maintaining the highest levels of security while simplifying access management and keeping costs low are key drivers for owners/administrators of student accommodation. iLOQ’s innovative technology and software position us as the leading provider of fast and secure digital locking and mobile access management solutions for this demanding market.

Battery-free technology that’s 100% sustainable

With our digital-key-based solutions, the power for unlocking comes from the kinetic energy produced by inserting the key into the lock. With our mobile access management solution, an NFC-enabled smartphone acts as both a key and a power source.

iLOQ’s flexible, modifiable, easy to-use cloud-based SaaS platform conveniently lets you choose what ‘key’ you want to use and allows the quick, simple and convenient management of all locks, keys, properties and key holders. There’s no need to invest in dedicated hardware or software solutions.

Efficient distribution of large amounts of keys

High levels of security

Easy to expand

Low lifecycle costs

Easy integration

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