Using iLOQ Privus

I lost my key. I updated the locks.

I lost it somewhere. Maybe it dropped out of my bag in the supermarket carpark. Anyway, our locks were quickly reprogrammed.

“First, I inserted the red key three times in the lock, then once the green key. That deleted all that key’s information from the lock. Then I added a new key using the red key once, followed by the new blank key and finally the green.

The reprogramming of one lock took only few minutes. That lost key is now blocked. It won’t open any door to our house anymore.”

No worries, Dad will make me a new key.

Luckily, the key that was lost on his way to school, was programmed to only open the front door. The locking was quickly updated.

“First I deleted all the information the whole key list in of the lock by inserting the red key in the lock three times and the green key once. Then I programmed a new key for my son by inserting red key, then the new key and finally the green key. Now, the lock can only be opened with the new key. Then I did the same trick with my own key and my wife’s key, and now we’re back where we were before.”

The plumber gets a key for Friday.

We agreed with the plumber that he could come while we’re at work.

“I programmed a front door key for him: first with the red key, then with an empty programmable key and then the green key.

Later in the evening I cancelled his access rights using the red key twice, the plumber’s key once, and finally one more time with the green key. I left the key on the hall table because it will no longer open any lock – until I program it again.”

The rehearsal room is now open to our bass player.

We programmed our garage door lock to open with our bass player’s own home key.

“We inserted the red key once in the lock. Next we added the bass player’s own key to our garage doorthe lock by inserting it once, and finished programming with the green key. Now even the bassistman can open our garage door with his own home key.”


iLOQ Privus installation

iLOQ Privus Programming Manual
(for locks acquired after 1.9.2010)