Leading the digital revolution for 15 years

Great work can only be achieved by companies who are not afraid to take the role of leader. That’s certainly the case for iLOQ as we celebrate a milestone in our history.

15 years ago, on a motorbike tour of Europe, Mika Pukari decided to follow his big dream and make his vision a reality by creating iLOQ.

With an education and career in automation engineering and microelectronics, and experience running a traditional locksmith business, he saw an opening in the market for developing a fully programmable, self-powered digital locking system, and making it easy to install for existing doors and lock cylinders. He spent the next few years working in his home laboratory using grants from TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) to fund the research and development.

Seppo Lohiniva, iLOQ’s software guru was a key person in defining the encryption mechanisms, and, by 2006, the first prototype was ready.

In 2008, iLOQ’s S10 locking system was already winning awards in the security sector, and, by 2013, the company was recognized as the fastest-growing technology company in Finland and fastest-growing greentech company in the EMEA area. Our latest development – the iLOQ S50 – is currently revolutionizing access management in the utilities industry.

An anniversary is the ideal time to look back at what we’ve achieved to date. We’re proud of our accomplishments and the value that we have delivered together with our customers around the world. But it’s also a time to look forward to a future that’s full of potential.

“We celebrated our anniversary with a unique business seminar and gala dinner together with members of the iLOQ family. It was a pleasure to spend quality time with our customers, partners, stakeholders and colleagues,” states Joni Lampinen, Chief Marketing Officer.

iLOQ 15v anniversary staff

iLOQ’s achievements are the result of the combined efforts of everyone in the company. We are already a global leader in transforming mechanical locking into sophisticated digital access management solutions. But, with 15 years’ experience in the business, we’re only just starting. Watch this space and follow our new website to find out how we will continue to unlock the future by creating innovative products and solutions to make the world a safer, more secure and yet more accessible place.

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