Lost key? Never been a problem for iLOQ users!

Did you know that, annually, more than 2% of keys around the world are lost? That creates a huge amount of inconvenience, not to mention the stress about security. And it involves a lot of time and money to sort the situation out.

That’s why iLOQ has heavily invested in transforming traditional mechanical locking methods into a highly functional and extremely secure digital access management system.

Cost-effective and trouble-free solution

iLOQ S10 is a one-key system. All the keys and all the locks are mechanically identical. If one key is lost, there’s no need to waste time and money rekeying affected locks. The access rights of any lost key can be quickly and easily cancelled and securely reprogrammed with the efficient and user-friendly SaaS-licensed iLOQ Manager software.

iLOQ’s locking system is also unique in that it is self-powered. It is the only digital locking system in the world that is powered by the electricity generated from inserting the key into the lock. So, there’s no need for batteries or cables, saving not only money, but also impact on the environment, and increasing the value of your property.

Facts and figures

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures. The maintenance and lifecycle expenses of the iLOQ S10 are significantly lower than those of mechanical or battery-operated electromechanical locking systems. Talking about batteries alone, this unique self-powered solution has already removed the need to replace millions of batteries. In 2017, our customers and the planet saved 25,000 kg of batteries.

based on ilOQ’s installed base. And how much does it cost to rekey or replace locks and get new keys cut with a traditional system? Not to mention the time and effort involved in arranging a locksmith and being on-site while the work’s being carried out.

Then there’s the hidden costs – the cost to the environment. When taken to landfills, most batteries (even rechargeables) can release harmful metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium into the environment. And I couldn’t begin to estimate how many keys there are in the world. But, for more than 2% of all keys worldwide to be lost – every year – that means a lot of the world’s precious resources are being unnecessarily wasted due to rekeying and replacing locks and cutting new keys.

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