Opening doors… and new careers – part 2

In our recent blog post, I spoke about how onboarding is a critical part of organizational success. I explained how iLOQ invests heavily in making sure our new colleagues are well prepared and have the right tools in place to ensure they succeed. In this post, I’d like to tell you a bit more about what it’s like to work for iLOQ – about our company culture and our values.

Our company culture inspires innovation

iLOQ was founded by one man with a dream – a true entrepreneur. Our company culture inspires our employees to share that same spirit. Innovation and creativity are encouraged, and we focus on educating and developing our employees so that we can push the boundaries of innovation and design new technology and create better solutions that offer outstanding added value for our customers.

Shared values guide our daily lives

iLOQ’s four values help us unify our company culture. They are a set of guiding principles that bring us together as a team and help us work towards a common goal. And I can honestly say that they are present in our everyday roles. I asked our employees to describe how they ‘feel’ these values in their working life, and this can be seen from the direct quotes below.

  1. We are changing the game: We provide only unbeatable solutions and services that add real value to our customers and partners.

“I feel we are always adding real value for our customers. It empowers me.”

“Our people have reserved the time for innovation and research. We keep challenging ourselves to come up with the next-generation solution.”

  1. We challenge conventional thinking: By questioning the status quo and arguing about the future, we ensure our continuing ability to innovate revolutionary solutions.

“iLOQ’s culture allows us to challenge each other.”

“Be critical in a positive way. We are encouraged to think differently about our and others’ ideas. We are keen to give and receive feedback.”

“I love that we have a flat hierarchy and we are always allowed to argue about things. This makes us open and honest.”

  1. We believe in people: Our success is founded on competent people with a passion to make things happen. We support collective responsibility by encouraging individuals to think like entrepreneurs.

“We work as a team, we trust and respect each other, and are going for the same goal.”

“I feel like my work is appreciated and people trust my expertise.”

“iLOQ is family.

  1. We base our business on sustainability, respect and results: We conserve the environment by minimizing battery waste and maximizing reusability. We build trust by being open, honest and fair. We do excellent business by being efficient at everything we do.

Trust is a must. We respect our colleagues and customers.”

Fairness to everybody in iLOQ is important and ensures better relationships with our partners.

We act openly and honestly. It’s easy to sleep when you know we do things in the right way which is not so common in every company.

Our employees have taken our values to heart and have actively adopted them in their everyday lives. How do you perceive them? If they excite you and make you feel motivated to be a part of iLOQ’s family, then go ahead and find out more about joining our multinational team of professionals.

You can read more about us on our new Careers webpage or watch our video. We are all about opening doors and opening up new career possibilities, so come on in. And keep following our blog for more news from iLOQ’s recruitment team.