The ideal electronic lock for schools


Tajamar de Madrid school is committed to improving accessibility

When they heard about iLOQ digital locks, Tajamar de Madrid immediately saw the perfect solution to their access control challenges.

Facilities with many access points to different spaces are complex to manage. Educational institutions looking for better access control find it in digital locking systems.

For example, Tajamar de Madrid is a bilingual charter school with various levels of education. The Vallecas center is spread out over 11 hectares with many access points. One of the architectural characteristics is that all the classrooms face a garden.

If we sometimes have trouble finding our house keys, imagine the situation when you have numerous access points. Many keys and above all many copies are needed by the different employees of the center.

The solution to the traditional lock
The school had been looking for a solution to traditional locks for a long time. When they counted how many doors were in the facility, they could not believe there were around 500. They wanted a secure access system that was both efficient and innovative. They were aware that finding a solution was not easy. They also wanted a solution that would last for many years. When they heard about iLOQ digital locks, they immediately saw the perfect solution.

A safe, efficient and practical system for life
The Tajamar school in Madrid was committed to finding a safe and sustainable option. iLOQ is the ideal digital locking system for schools and educational centers. The school can ensure that if any employee loses their key, it is not necessary to change all the locks. This is one of the major advantages. But there are also many more benefits for schools with this digital locking system.

With iLOQ, you never have to change the lock again. It can also be installed to different door sizes. The cylinder is modular so that extension pieces can be added. Even though the doors might be thicker, this is not a problem for installation.

In the case of schools, it is necessary to provide safe and efficient access. For this reason, tests were carried out to check that the locks and keys could not be damaged by high temperatures, water and even materials like plasticine, but iLOQ turned out to be a very safe option.

Tajamar de Madrid school is committed to improving accessibility

We talked to David Rodriguez, the Assistant Secretary of Tajamar, and he told us about his experience with the iLOQ digital locking system:

“Teachers or employees at the center have at least seven keys. Managers also have different keys for specific activities. In the school you can see a Manager or head of the canteen with a bunch of about 20 keys. When we met iLOQ, the first thing we thought was: what is the catch? How can access be provided to all areas with just one key? But there is no catch. The system is really as good as it sounds. As a result, we have control over both maintenance and access control. This gives us a lot of confidence as we have the independence to manage everything.”

You can read more about Tajamar de Madrid here and learn more about iLOQ’s digital locking solutions here.

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