The power of S50 in your own app

Locks play an integral role in carrying out daily tasks in any business by controlling who can go where and at what time. Apps are also part of our daily lives, and our phones are full of them. Customers who use iLOQ S50 NFC locks and mobile access solutions enjoy the convenience of using the iLOQ S50 app. Wouldn’t it be convenient if accessing locks could be done with the same application that is used for other tasks?

To further enrich the iLOQ 5 Series platform’s capability to serve its customers, iLOQ has introduced the S50 Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK provides libraries for native Android and iOS applications and enables customers to integrate iLOQ’s revolutionary NFC-powered phone key into their own mobile apps as a white-label solution. This means that everything that is possible with iLOQ S50 iOS and Android apps today can be integrated as a part of 3rd-party apps.

This provides many benefits for customers as they can now integrate over-the-air access sharing seamlessly into their own apps. End users no longer need to switch between different apps while doing their daily routines. For example, a maintenance person can access buildings using the same app that they use for dealing with work orders. Or students can enter their dorm with the same app they use for checking school timetables and enrolling to classes. These are just a few examples from the vast ocean of possibilities where iLOQ S50 can help to make life more accessible.

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