Key Fob K55S.1

Rechargeable digital key

The iLOQ Key Fob is an easy alternative for users without a compatible phone. Access rights can be updated through a phone via Bluetooth. The iLOQ Key Fob is equipped with a USB rechargeable accumulator.

Benefits & features

  • Rechargeable digital key for iLOQ 5 Series locking system
  • Secured using AES-256 encryption
  • Programmed on iLOQ Manager – software with system specific Programming key
  • Re-programming through Programming key
  • Each key has a unique identifier and can be individually blocklisted
  • Supports validity time and versatile time restrictions
  • Receives and transfers blocklist from/to locks when used offline
  • Sturdy, sealed structure for harsh environments with led status indication
  • Can be personalized with color pin
  • Laser stamped one letter and four-digit random number