Public and commercial properties

Whether you are a building owner, a locking system administrator, a visitor or a member of staff, iLOQ’s battery-free smart-locking solutions make your life smarter and more secure, sustainable and cost-effective.

iLOQ’s smart locks are quick and easy to install or retrofit. No batteries, cables or internet connection are needed. Enjoy keyless entry using your cellphone.

Smart-locking services for

  • Schools

    School premises have a high frequency of student and staff traffic during the day and after traditional school hours. iLOQ’s battery-free and keyless smart-locking solutions ensure smooth access and high levels of security.

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  • Hospitals

    Hospitals need to provide flexible access for staff and provide high levels of security for patients and vital assets. iLOQ’s battery-free and keyless smart-locking solutions maximize the security of the premises while helping staff move around quickly and efficiently.

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  • Commercial buildings and offices

    Staff in commercial buildings and offices frequently change. iLOQ’s battery-free and keyless smart-locking solutions ensure access rights are kept up to date to ensure the ongoing security of the premises.

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  • Public facilities

    Public facilities have many different access points spread out over a wide area. iLOQ’s battery-free and keyless smart-locking solutions minimize administration and help staff and visitors move around quickly and efficiently.

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    Our smart city customers

    Turku Cathedral FI

    Public facilities

    Bjurholm Municipality SE

    Public facilities

    Vaasa Central Hospital FI


    San Juan de Dios ES


    NEXT Delft NL


    Technostarters Delft Vastgoed B.V. NL


    Dronten Municipality NL

    Public facilities

    University Properties of Finland Ltd – SYK FI


    DierenPark Amersfoort NL

    Public facilities



    We get your worries

    Lost keys

    Staff frequently lose their keys.

    iLOQ’s solution is keyless. Access rights are maintained on an app running on the user’s cellphone.

    Replacing cylinders

    Door lock cylinders need replacing due to key issues.

    Our solution does not need batteries or cables to run

    Administrative fees

    Regular fees need to be paid to locking partners/dealers to administrate and maintain keys and locks.

    With iLOQ, property managers create, update and block access rights remotely and in real-time.


    Replacing existing old locking systems is costly.

    iLOQ’s “plug & play” cylinders easily fit into existing doors. No drilling or wiring is needed.

    Unauthorized access

    What if an unauthorized person tries to get access?

    You have real-time and remote control of who has access at all times. Access logs help prevent or solve instances of misuse.

    How it works

    A cellphone is both a key and a power source. No batteries or cables are needed. Locks are opened using the near-field communication link between the NFC-enabled cellphone and the lock.

    iLOQ’s solution reduces the cost of purchasing batteries, and the time, resources and environmental impact of maintenance teams travelling to replace them.

    Access rights are created centrally using iLOQ’s secure and user-friendly cloud-based software platform. They are sent, updated and cancelled remotely and in real time ensuring administrators have continuous knowledge of all premises, entry points and end users. Audit trails help to prevent or solve instances of misuse.

    iLOQ’s app is not only a key and a power source, it also offers powerful additional functionality to optimize access and maximize the user’s experience.

    Sending, updating and canceling access rights can be done quickly, easily and cost-effectively. And users can do more daily tasks themselves using their app.

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