iLOQ smart-locking solution

Industry-leading, modular software and services for all your access needs.

Digital services and software solutions that open up a world of smart and sustainable access.


iLOQ App

An NFC-enabled phone is the only key you need and a range of smart access features are conveniently available on the app.

iLOQ Manager

Cloud-based SaaS platform to program, share, update and cancel access rights remotely and in real time with just a few clicks.

iLOQ Web

Manage keys and users quickly and easily through a simple web browser.


iLOQ’s open API/SDK allows developers to create their own software solutions and integrations to external systems (such as existing property management software).



Battery-free, programmable, electromechanical leversets for iLOQ’s NFC-powered locking system.


iLOQ’s battery-free, programmable, electromechanical lock cylinders that are opened using an NFC-powered cellphone.


Robust padlocks with guaranteed reliable operation in all weather extremes.

RFID / PIN Door Reader

Unlock doors using a PIN code or with an NFC-compatible cellphone.

RFID / PIN Wall Reader

Unlock doors using a PIN code or with your NFC-compatible cellphone.

Net Bridge

Administrators can remotely control locks using iLOQ’s Net Bridge which acts as a link between the iLOQ Cloud and the door modules.

Stand-alone Door module

A standalone door module with a 4G connection which allows the door module to communicate with the server.

Key Fob

A rechargeable digital key that acts as an easy alternative for users without an NFC-compatible cellphone.

Programming key

iLOQ’s programming key ensures the highest levels of security by encrypting the communication between the cylinders, the cellphone keys and the database.

iLOQ App

One app that offers powerful additional functionality to optimize access and maximize the user experience.

For whom

A smart, easy-to-use and intuitive app for end users of iLOQ’s smart-locking solutions.

For what

The app gives you more independence, helps you move smoothly around your premises and improves your user experience.


Use your cellphone to open locks and get quick and easy access to all your access points.

View the currently active access code and use it to open (online) doors.

Open the entrance door or any other (online) door connected to the iLOQ cloud remotely.

Invite family members, friends or visitors to use the app and open the locks you’ve granted them access to.

iLOQ Manager

A secure cloud-based SaaS platform for fast and convenient deployment and management of iLOQ smart-locking systems.

For whom

iLOQ Manager reduces time and costs involved with administration for locking-system administrators and property managers.

For what

The intuitive graphical user interface enables quick and easy 24/7 multi-site programming, administration and maintenance of access rights.​


Create a virtual representation of your locking system with the new ‘Premises’ feature.

Manage users’ access plans through versatile access-rights and time-profile configurations.

Maintain up-to-date information of who has access to where and when. Use audit trail reports to prevent or help to solve instances of unauthorized access.

Manage multiple access methods in the same system.

iLOQ Web

A simple-to-use web service.

For whom

iLOQ Web reduces time and costs involved with administration for locking-system administrators and property managers.

For what

Handle daily access management​ tasks quickly and easily.


Manage keys.

Manage access rights.

Manage users.

Share ‘mobile’ keys to users and program Fobs for users without a compatible cellphone.

Ecosystem and integration

iLOQ’s secure, easy-to-integrate application programming interface (API) allows the seamless exchange of information between iLOQ’s locking platform and other systems. There are many specific benefits of integration such as:

But the main advantages are that integration creates better user experiences and ensures ease of use for our customers.

650 iLOQ customers are currently using APIs on a daily basis with over 2 million API transactions every day.

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