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Battery-free cellphone-based access management for critical infrastructure

Battery-free cellphone-based access management for critical infrastructure

iLOQ is a technical disruptor that has innovated battery-free and keyless technology to provide you with the most smart, secure, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Our NFC-enabled lock cylinder harvests energy for unlocking from a cellphone. With access rights instantly and remotely shared, updated and canceled using iLOQ’s app running on the cellphone, it becomes both a key and a power source and ensures that only the right people have access to the right sites at the right times.

Unlocking a world of possibilities

As a critical infrastructure provider, you are under enormous pressure to maintain a continuous service for your customers. When maintenance of multiple sites is involved, it is a matter of great urgency.

The battery-free cellphone-based access solution – iLOQ S50 – offers completely new opportunities for the management of numerous locks in sites spread out across great distances and hidden in remote locations. Access rights are shared directly to the relevant person at a given site minimizing travel time and saving money and environmental impact.

This new NFC-based technology replaces on-site key storage boxes, mechanical locking systems and other technical facilities typically located in the field. The lock is entirely battery free making it operationally reliable and environmentally practical.

A revolutionary concept

iLOQ has replaced the traditional key with NFC technology.

The lock is activated with the cellphone’s NFC induction, which generates enough electrical energy to identify access rights and open the lock. This patented technology is based on energy recovery and the lock’s low energy requirements, thus changing the game for utilities and critical infrastructure businesses completely.


The cellphone is authenticated by the PKI encryption system (Public Key Infrastructure), while the lock and phone use AES-256 encryption for mutual authentication. The locks (and iLOQ Key Fobs when used) collect and send real-time audit trails automatically to the cloud. iLOQ S50 is a superior solution for multi-site applications, such as telecommunications towers, because access rights can be granted and revoked instantly.


The iLOQ S50 locking solution runs through the iLOQ S50 app. The app is available for NFC-compatible cellphones. For users without an NFC-compatible cellphone, the iLOQ Key Fob is an easy alternative. Access credentials of the Key Fob can be updated via your cellphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Easy to install

Installation and commissioning has been made extremely easy. The compact iLOQ S50 cylinder can be installed in place of existing locks with no need for additional modifications or wiring.

Maintenance free

Eliminating the need for regular maintenance adds to the ease, reliability and cost-efficiency of the iLOQ S50. There are no batteries to change, no exposed keyways to clean and no lost keys to replace. These features also mean that the locks are guaranteed to work under the most extreme weather conditions.

Simple administration

Fast, secure and convenient management of locks, sites and users on a single cloud-based SaaS platform. User-friendly graphical user interface. No need to invest in dedicated hardware and software IT solutions.

Streamlined operations

iLOQ’s standard, open application programming interface (API) enables seamless integration with virtually any system. Communicating with and sharing data between the different information platforms used, for example ticketing or workflow systems, greatly improves flexibility and operational efficiency.