Municipality of Leiden

Efficiently managing access through a smartphone


With iLOQ, the Municipality of Leiden can monitor exactly who has had access, where and at what time.

The Municipality of Leiden has 100% control again. With iLOQ, they can monitor exactly who has had access, where and at what time.

The Pumping Stations Department takes care of the wastewater and surface water flows to ensure Leiden remains dry. Many external companies are needed to carry out the work. In the past, with many physical keys in circulation, the department could not guarantee safety levels. With iLOQ’s mobile access sharing solution, the department has an overview of who has access rights.

“The advantage of iLOQ is that we can grant people access per day, per date and per time. We can remotely send a mobile key to a smartphone, and, if needed, quickly revoke the access rights again. We maintain control and enjoy 100% security,” explains engineer Marco Vink, Pumping Station Department, Municipality of Leiden.

The department can monitor what time a person enters a site and when they leave. 3rd parties no longer have to physically hand in keys which saves time. An additional advantage is that the cylinders and padlocks continue to reliably function in the pumping stations’ remote locations and in harsh weather conditions.

We sometimes work with neighboring municipalities. I would definitely recommend iLOQ’s system. The advantage of a larger partnership is that it is easy to integrate, and you can scale up the system. We feel iLOQ is a very flexible and simple system to manage,” concludes Mr Vink.

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