Sizzling or freezing – not a problem for iLOQ

iLOQ is a Finnish company. When you think about Finland, you probably imagine that we have to dig our cars out of the snow every morning and cross frozen lakes to get to work. Well, it’s not that bad. And, believe it or not, we actually have some pretty spectacular summers.

However, we are used to some extreme temperature ranges. The highest temperature on record being +37.2 °C (99.0 °F) recorded on 29 July 2010 and the lowest being −51.5 °C (−60.7 °F) recorded on 28 January 1999.

It’s a well-known fact that electronic devices exposed to extreme cold often experience poor battery performance or total battery failure. However, did you know that many battery problems start long before the temperatures drop? Heat, more than cold, shortens battery life. Luckily, iLOQ digital locking and mobile access sharing solutions are unique in that they are entirely battery free. All our products have been developed to withstand and operate reliably in harsh environments where locks are exposed to dust, moisture and varying temperature conditions ranging from extremely cold to searingly hot weather.

Take our key tube lock cylinders, for example. These products are typically designed for third-party organizations, like the fire service or a telecommunication company, that need to have access to a building using the premises’ own key. The key is placed in a wall-mounted key tube that can be found both on external walls – where they are exposed to all the elements – and also internally, for example, in the heat distribution room of an energy provider – where the temperatures can tip the scale in the other direction. Some locations can have both extremes at the same time.

iLOQ’s key tube lock cylinder can be opened using a mobile phone. The electricity required to open the lock is wirelessly harvested from the phone’s NFC field. With the phone acting as both a key and a power source, the lock is completely battery- and cable-free ensuring reliable operation in all temperatures. And, with no keyway, there’s no risk of contamination by dust or moisture.

With no batteries and no electric wiring required, the locks are maintenance free slashing lifecycle costs. And it is a sustainable solution that eliminates the waste and harmful impact on the environment associated with battery-powered or cabled solutions. The phone acting as a key enables flexible access sharing with time restrictions and audit trail reporting over the air to keep security levels high and eliminate costly issues caused by lost keys.

So whether you are wrapped up against the cold or wearing a significant layer of sunblock, you can be sure that iLOQ’s products will never let you down; the right people will have the right access to the right places at the right time. Read more about iLOQ’s digital locking and mobile access sharing solutions and don’t hesitate to post a comment in the box below. We’re here to help.