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Modifiable system

iLOQ Keys do not have easy-to-copy cuts. All information related to access rights is programmed with secure encryption to the key’s microchip. The access rights of any key can be changed immediately when a new tenant moves into a property or a common facility is re-purposed. Programming a new key takes just a few seconds.

Easy to expand

With iLOQ, all locks in the residential property floor plan are electronic. However, the batteries and cables that are usually required for electronic systems are not needed. This ensures simple and inexpensive maintenance of the lock system as a whole. The system can be supplemented with time-controlled lock cylinders, network-connected key programming hotspots and front-door PIN-code readers.


A consistent level of high security

iLOQ S5 ensures a consistent level of high security, as both the locks and keys are fully programmable. Access rights are managed with easy-to-use cloud-based software, where the placement of locks is displayed on a floor plan of the property. Locks and keys are updated with a programming device that uses a separate programming key for data encryption. Because locks and keys are programmable, locks can be installed before a residential renovation project and reprogrammed after its completion – allowing for flexibility in management.

One key is enough

A single iLOQ Key can be programmed with all access rights of a given property – including security locks, elevator key switches and padlocks. Reusable keys can be reprogrammed any number of times, without restrictions.

Digital locking powered with the push of a key

iLOQ S10 was the world’s first electronic locking system to generate energy for unlocking from the motion of inserting a key. With no batteries to be replaced, locks and keys are always operational and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

The new features and benefits offered by the environmentally friendly next-generation iLOQ S5 ensure state-of-the-art security, efficient access management, minimized lifecycle costs and a healthy boost to the value of your property.


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iLOQ S10 is the most modern and secure option. With this solution, the keys and access rights are kept in perfect order. Lost keys no longer cause worry because their access rights, and can easily be removed from the system.

Mauri Niemelä, Managing Director Property Managers Office, Oulu

We appreciate the ease of use for us and our tenants. The installation and programming of keys and cylinders can be done in no time. The iLOQ Manager software is clearly arranged so that new and already assigned components can easily be inplemented or edited.

Tina Mäurer, Assistant for property management Huf Haus GmbH & Co KG

For a housing corporation with 2500 homes, intruder protection and durability as well as ease of maintenance and management are the ultimate criteria for a suitable locking system. iLOQ is the best choice to meet these requirements as it generates it’s own power and has no need for batteries. Furthermore it’s robust and made with stainless steel and is quick and easy to program by yourself through the user friendly software.

Martin Renner, Member of the Board of Directors Familienheim, Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg eG