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Kompleksiniai sprendimai – nuo pastato iki jame gyvenančių žmonių

„iLOQ“ nekalbame apie žmonių izoliavimą. Mūsų pažadas – suteikti „gyvenimą be ribų“, užtikrinant atitinkamiems žmonėms galimybę reikiamu metu patekti į konkrečias vietas. Tai darome saugiai, lanksčiai, ekonomiškai ir tvariai.

Ground-breaking benefits

Let your visitors in with a tap.

Residents can remotely unlock the main entrance door for family members, visitors or deliveries. This increases convenience for them and reduces the need for building owners to invest in expensive video phone solutions.

Ground-breaking benefits

Booking the laundry is a breeze.

Residents can book and manage common facilities in the building, making their lives easier and reducing the need for a complicated infrastructure and investment in many different platforms.

Ground-breaking benefits

Lost your key? Never mind.

Residents can enhance their feelings of safety by quickly blocking lost or stolen keys themselves. They can order new keys and update the given access rights using the near-field communication functionality on their smartphone. There’s no need for property managers to go to the time and expense of contacting a locksmith.

Ground-breaking benefits

Have a firm grip on your keys.

The app contains up-to-date information about all the keys to an apartment. Residents can conveniently set up profiles and assign individual keys to, for example, specific members of their family.

Ground-breaking benefits

“Let’s see who opened that door yesterday.”

In master-key systems, the app provides a comprehensive overview of who has accessed an apartment using the master key which helps to prevent unauthorized access. While, in central key systems, residents can grant access to 3rd-party service providers which is ideal if someone needs to access an apartment in an emergency situation.

Ground-breaking benefits

Benefits for building owners too.

iLOQ HOME has a fast return on investment. It reduces OPEX, enables new revenue streams and provides opportunities for increased equity. And any new features developed can be quickly integrated into the existing solution.