Life made limitless in action

We are the global leader in digital and mobile access management. We develop smart and sustainable energy-harvesting and wireless solutions that solve security issues related to lost or stolen keys while reducing maintenance and minimizing costs and environmental impact.

Our solutions improve the speed and efficiency of access rights administration and facilitate smooth movement by increasing flexibility and reducing restrictions. iLOQ offers smart solutions that benefit all stakeholders, ultimately, making daily life easier and more enjoyable.


Life made limitless in action

We invited iLOQ employees from around the world to define what ‘Life made limitless’ means to them: How it is seen in their work and their everyday life. After all, it is only by working together that our brand promise is brought to life.

“We have such great, innovative and sustainable products.”

Maria Luukkainen,
Head of Finance

“We connect our amazing professionals with each other, no matter where they are located.”

Joonas Koivula,
Human Resources Specialist

“I enjoy working at iLOQ, because we share the same passion.”

Jaana Klinga,
General Counsel

“Our people, culture and energy harvesting, wireless battery-free technology, release people and businesses from mechanical and battery-powered locking system.”

Joni Lampinen,
General Manager USA

“We have the responsibility to improve our environment and the society we live in.”

Krista Huttu,
Business Excellence Specialist