Vision and strategy


Making life accessible

iLOQ’s purpose is to disrupt the market by replacing mechanical, key-based locking systems with state-of-the-art, battery- and cable-free solutions that are making life easier and more accessible for customers, partners and end users.


We are the global leader in digital access management

iLOQ provides smart locking and secure access to buildings and spaces we use daily and caters to the needs of industry and the utility sector with mobile and digital solutions for efficient access sharing and management.

We are industry-leading innovators of battery-free solutions with a strong portfolio of safe and sustainable products that have been designed to make life easier.

Ways to win

Grow current core business

Our core business currently focuses on built environments – residential, public and educational buildings and critical infrastructure and utilities – telecom and energy facilities. Our goal is to offer best-in-class solutions to ensure our partners’ businesses not only survive, but thrive, our customers enjoy a fast return on investment and low total cost of ownership and our end users enjoy high security and easy, flexible access.

Build marketing, R&D and operations capabilities to enable fast growth

It is only by ensuring that iLOQ’s marketing, R&D and operations strategies are tightly woven into our mission that we can ensure they deliver genuine value. Our purpose is making life accessible. We innovate, develop, manufacture and deliver on that mission every day. We communicate and promote our successes to spread the word to new businesses, markets and countries. iLOQ is coming – be ready.

Expand to new geographies and businesses

iLOQ currently has a sales organization in nine country subsidiaries, and our digital locking and mobile access solutions can be bought in more than 1600 locations in almost 30 countries. However, further growth into new markets is firmly on the agenda.

Our export team is strengthening our sales process, supporting and developing existing partner and distribution networks, creating additional business and opening new markets, segments and sales channels. We are dedicated to making life accessible by bringing the benefits of our innovative battery-free digital locking and mobile access sharing technology to the worldwide stage.

Build unique human experience and culture

he goal of our recruitment, onboarding and ongoing training processes has been and will always be to provide continual support in our daily working lives and ensure that employees have a long and successful career with iLOQ. We have a phenomenal team spirit. When everyone is working together with the same vision and the same goals, success is the only outcome.


iLOQ’s four values help us unify our company culture. They are a set of guiding principles that bring us together as a team and help us work towards a common goal. They are present in our everyday roles.

We are changing the game

We provide only unbeatable solutions and services that add real value to our customers and partners.

We challenge conventional thinking

By questioning the status quo and arguing about the future, we ensure our continuing ability to innovate revolutionary solutions.

We believe in people

Our success is founded on competent people with a passion to make things happen. We support collective responsibility by encouraging individuals to think like entrepreneurs.

We base our business on sustainability, respect and results

We conserve the environment by minimizing battery waste and maximizing reusability. We build trust by being open, honest and fair. We do excellent business by being efficient at everything we do.