Making life accessible

Our goal is to continue to develop innovative digital locking and mobile access solutions that offer people, businesses and organizations freedom from the security risks, inflexibility and high lifecycle costs related to mechanical locks and keys.

Our battery-free solutions not only minimize maintenance costs but also reduce environmental impact by annually saving 50,000 kg of battery waste.


Market and technology leaders in digital access management

iLOQ provides smart locking and secure access to buildings and spaces used on a daily basis and meets the needs of industry and the utility sector with mobile and digital solutions for efficient access sharing and management.

We are industry-leading innovators in battery-free solutions, offering a robust portfolio of safe and sustainable products designed to make life easier.

Group strategy objectives

Sustained, profitable growth

Expansion into new countries and markets is a key element of iLOQ’s growth strategy and will enable us to progress into the next phase of iLOQ’s success story. With our stated aim of growing by about twice the rate of the electromechanical locks market, we have set ourselves an ambitious annual growth target of around 25–30%.

Customer experience

Winning the trust of the most loyal customers and partners

We earn customer loyalty every day by being the market leaders in battery-free digital locking and mobile access solutions. We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and reward our partners well for their commitment. We are the industry leaders in digital customer experience. Our customers enjoy the lowest total cost of ownership through reduced maintenance, easy and flexible administration and minimized lifecycle costs. Our end users benefit from state-of-the art locking solutions that make their lives more accessible whilst ensuring maximum security.

We have sales offices located in 12 countries across Europe, operations in Canada, a network of more than 1,000 thriving partners around the world and an ambitious global expansion plan for the future.

We have sales offices in 9 countries throughout Europe, operations in Canada, a network of more than 1000 thriving partners around the world and an ambitious global expansion plan.


The best value offering for the targeted segments

We believe that every door or access point needs and deserves an iLOQ. To date, a total of 1.5 million cylinders and 3 million keys have been successfully delivered. Intensive new building construction activity and retrofitting of existing residential, public and educational buildings is driving the growth of the lock industry.

iLOQ’s keyless mobile access solution has been specifically designed, for example, for utilities and facilities that form a vital part of critical infrastructure. The energy required for unlocking is provided from a smartphone running a mobile app. Access rights can be remotely updated in real time, and multiple sites can be conveniently consolidated on a single user-friendly, secure cloud-based software platform.

Operational excellence

An agile and scalable company

In just a very short time, iLOQ has transformed mechanical locking systems into highly functional and extremely secure digital access management solutions. We continually take advantage of the new opportunities offered by digitalization and the Internet of things to create smart locking systems that provide customers with even more added value.

Our business can be quickly and easily scaled to new markets and regions, and provided with high-level support to enhance the overall user experience. Our manufacturing processes and methods are geared up to be able to handle significant increases in volume and still ensure accurate, fast deliveries.

iLOQ ensures high data security and unparalleled access control, combined with competitive lifecycle costs and significant savings, to building owners, users and key holders.

Brand and thought leadership

Recognized brand and thought leaders in target markets

iLOQ has always maintained a strong presence in the Nordic countries and has been growing rapidly throughout Europe. However, iLOQ’s long-term goals are to aim high and achieve maximum growth, product superiority and thought leadership on a global scale.

To fulfill this goal for both the company and the brand, iLOQ formed a partnership with Kimi Räikkönen – probably the best-known Finn and arguably one of the most popular sports stars in the world. With Kimi’s help, iLOQ aims to ensure that its mission of making life accessible can reach a worldwide audience.

iLOQ is already recognized as an expert in the lock industry. By continuing to develop innovative solutions, offering guidance and insight to our partners and customers, and helping enrich their knowledge and insight, we will further establish ourselves as thought leaders.

Human experience

An inspiring, innovative and entrepreneurial workplace

iLOQ was founded by one man with a dream; a dream of providing easier and more secure access to living and working spaces. Our company has developed from one man into a dedicated family of over 200 employees all sharing the same vision.

At iLOQ, everyone’s voice is heard. Innovation and creativity are actively encouraged. We invest time and effort in educating and developing our employees so that we can push the boundaries of innovation. By designing new technology and creating better solutions, we can offer outstanding added value for our customers.

Ways to win

To make our strategy clear and provide the roadmap for a successful future, we have identified four key “Ways to Win”. These Ways to Win guide us in our daily work and encourage us to push further the boundaries of innovation to find new and better ways to support our partners and serve our customers.

Grow current core business

Our core business currently focuses on built environments, i.e. residential, public and educational buildings and critical infrastructure and utilities, i.e. telecom and energy facilities. Our goal is to offer best-in-class solutions to ensure that our partners’ businesses not only survive, but thrive. Our customers should enjoy a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership, while our end users should benefit from high security and easy, flexible access.

Expand into new regions and businesses

iLOQ currently has a sales organization in nine country subsidiaries, while our digital locking and mobile access solutions can be purchased at more than 1,000 locations in almost 30 countries. At the same time, further expansion into new markets is also very much in the pipeline.

Our export team is engaged in reinforcing our sales process, supporting and developing existing partner and distribution networks. They are also seeking to create additional business and open up new markets, segments and sales channels. We are committed to making life accessible by bringing the benefits of our innovative, battery-free digital locking and mobile access sharing technology to the world.

Build marketing, R&D and operations capabilities that enable fast growth

iLOQ’s marketing, R&D and operations strategies can only deliver genuine value if they are closely integrated into our mission – to make life accessible. We innovate, develop, manufacture and deliver on that promise every day. We communicate and promote our successes to spread the word to new businesses, markets and countries. iLOQ is coming – get ready!

Create a unique human experience and culture

The goal of our recruitment, onboarding and ongoing training remains to provide continual support in our team’s daily working lives and ensure a long and successful career at iLOQ. We are justly proud of our phenomenal team spirit. When everyone is working together according to the same vision and the same goals, success can be the only outcome.


iLOQ’s four core values help us to unify our company culture. As a set of guiding principles, they bring us together as a team and help us work towards a common goal. They are ever present in our everyday roles.

We are changing the game

We provide only unbeatable solutions and services that add real value to our customers and partners.

We challenge conventional thinking

By questioning the status quo and arguing about the future, we ensure our continuing ability to innovate revolutionary solutions.

We believe in people

Our success is founded on competent people with a passion to make things happen. We support collective responsibility by encouraging individuals to think like entrepreneurs.

We base our business on sustainability, respect and results

We conserve the environment by minimizing battery waste and maximizing reusability. We build trust by being open, honest and fair. We do excellent business by being efficient at everything we do.