Kaksipuolinen europrofiilisylinteri D5S.200.SB

Europrofile Double-cylinder (30/30mm)

The self-powered iLOQ D5 cylinder generates the electrical energy it needs from the inserting movement of the key. Via the D2D communication it is possible to update the block list.
Surface treatment: Brushed steel

Hyödyt ja ominaisuudet

  • battery-free digital lock cylinder for iLOQ S5 locking system
  • Lock does not need batteries or cables
  • Powerful and secure AES-256 encryption for common lock and key authentication
  • As part of the D2D network, it acts as an information receiver and data sharer
  • Initial programming via PC using the iLOQ P55S.1 programming token connected to the server
  • Modular construction allows easy configuration for half-, double-, or turn-knob version and cylinder length adjustment
  • Length extensions available in 5 mm steps up to 70 mm
  • Lock can be set with access areas for lock groups or individual locks
  • Programmable lock opens with a compatible K5S key
  • Blocking list for single lost keys
  • Log memory for openings and opening attempts (timestamps with RTC)
  • Supports time constraints in the form of time profiles (with RTC)
  • Reprogramming with the K5S keys or the P55S.1 programming token
  • Updatable firmware