Dronten Municipality

A secure solution for widespread premises


Dronten is a modern municipality based in central Netherlands. With its theme of “Dronten gives you space”, it has a widespread community in a varied landscape that attracts more than one million visitors every year.

With numerous municipal buildings spread out over a large area, there are many employees and visitors that need safe and efficient access to the properties. Bart Voorn, Electronic Specialist, is responsible for ensuring the security of these buildings.

“Within the municipality, we work on the basis of the 4 V’s: Vertrouwen, Verbinding, Vakmanschap and Vernieuwingskracht which, roughly translated, means Trust, Connection, Craftsmanship and Innovativeness. We found all these qualities in iLOQ’s access management solution,” Mr Voorn explains.

Working with partners such as security specialist Betecom, the municipality quickly saw the advantages with iLOQ’s flexible and scalable solution.

“We use a combination of iLOQ RFID Online readers at entrance gates, digital cylinders and keys for doors and padlocks for storage areas. We can quickly and easily add more premises and manage all access rights from one cloud-based software solution. Employees only need to carry one digital key. All the access rights they need are programmed to that one key and they can be updated as needs change and immediately cancelled if a key is lost or stolen. This keeps levels of security high and, at all times, I have an overall view of the locks, keys and users in the system.”

One of the biggest benefits for the municipality, and one that has reduced lifecycle costs significantly, is the fact that iLOQ’s solution is battery-free. “This has reduced the cost of purchasing batteries, the time and expense related to changing them and better yet, eliminates the environmental impact of battery waste,” Mr Voorn concludes.

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