We Do Projects

Secure and sustainable real estate solutions


We Do Projects is a real estate developer for new and existing commercial and residential properties in the Netherlands.

In 2022, We Do Projects transformed an old office building (Fuji Tower) into 260 apartments for student housing. To maximize security and create a smart living environment, the iLOQ S5 digital access management solution was installed. All homes, as well as the entrance doors and rooms on the ground floor, have been equipped with iLOQ cylinders and/or Online readers. To date, 280 cylinders and 530 keys have been programmed.

The company chose a digital locking system because it provides a better way to manage access and reduces the issues associated with mechanical locking. With iLOQ’s solution, access rights are programmed to a digital key. They can be quickly and easily updated as residents move in and out using iLOQ’s cloud-based software platform and immediately cancelled if a key is lost or stolen. This simplifies administration and removes the need to and high cost of changing cylinders to maintain security levels.

The beauty of iLOQ’s solution lies in its plug-and-play simplicity, cost efficiency and sustainability. Any existing lock cylinder can be quickly and simply replaced with iLOQ’s cylinder with no need to change the existing infrastructure. The products function with the kinetic energy produced by pushing the key into the lock. This eliminates the cost, time and environmental impact of travelling to replace batteries.

“We appreciated the fast delivery time – days rather than months. The cooperation between us, iLOQ and Portix the installer, setting up of the software, and training of the operators all went smoothly. I can recommend iLOQ and will choose their products again for our next project,” states Roel Buitenwerf, Owner and Director, We Do Projects B.V.

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