De Stichtse Rijnlanden Water Board

Finally, organization-wide manageability of the locking system


Case De Stichtse Rijnlanden Water Board: finally, organization-wide manageability of the locking system

As an organization with not only a main and branch office, but also many outdoor locations, the water board appreciates the organization-wide manageability of iLOQ’s digital locking system.


This water board sees iLOQ as an extension of their locking system, and not only in terms of sustainability.

The government agency De Stichtse Rijnlanden Water Board (HDSR) keeps the feet dry of 750,000 Dutch people, purifies wastewater in 21 municipalities and manages waterways in the provinces of Utrecht and South Holland. The water board’s head office and branch office are located in Houten. At the branch office, employees currently open the doors with a single iLOQ key. The head office will follow suit in 2021.

“The battery-free iLOQ stood out in our choice for a new access management system. As a government body, sustainability is central. With iLOQ, where the user generates energy himself by inserting the key, there is no annual maintenance involved with replacing batteries,” explains Herman Farenhorst, Facility Assistant from De Stichtse Rijnlanden (HDSR) Water Board.

“In addition, the ease of installation was striking. iLOQ fits into an existing europrofile fitting; so little or no adjustments to doors are required. The fact that cylinders can be extended on site is ideal! Another big advantage is that special situations such as a lift cupboard, padlocks and more non-regular parts of a locking plan still fit into the same digital locking system,” Mr Farenhorst continues.

The success of the system so far lies in the fact that it is manageable from a central location. With 600 keys in circulation and an equal number of users, this is a major advantage. The system is also clearer and safer; you no longer need to replace all the cylinders due to a lost key.

Being able to expand step by step and in phases within an existing digital locking plan will also make iLOQ a watertight choice for the water board in the future. HDSR is an organization with not only a main and branch office, but also many outdoor locations such as treatment plants and civil engineering works in waterways with lockable cabinets in the open air. The iLOQ S50 system, where a smartphone is the key, eliminates extra travelling time between the office and sites for maintenance technicians.

“Finally, we have found a manageable locking system that is organization-wide,” Mr Farenhorst concludes.

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