Fetching Audit Trails from Offline Locks

This section describes how to fetch audit trails from offline locks on iLOQ Manager.

Even though you do not have to prepare this procedure on iLOQ Manager, you should login to iLOQ Manager to synchronize the time on the Programmer with the locking system. If the locks have clocks, their time will be updated while fetching audit trails.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Take the Programmer with the token to the lock.
  2. Switch on the Programmer.
  3. Press and keep pressed the LOG on the Programmer.
  4. Insert the lock programming cable into the lock.
  5. The orange Batt LED is illuminated. You can release the audit trail button.
  6. Wait until the green status LED blinks five times, indicating that the audit trail has been fetched.
  7. Remove the lock programming cable from the lock.
  8. If necessary, repeat this procedure for the next lock.
  9. Login to iLOQ Manager.
    The audit trails are automatically transferred to the locking system.