This section provides an introduction to the blacklist.

The blacklist is a list of keys or access rights that are, for one reason or another, being denied from accessing the locks. The lock does not allow keys on the blacklist to open itself.

Usually, you add a key to the blacklist if it has been lost. When a lost or unreturned key is added on the blacklist, its access rights are denied for the locks.


Blacklisting an access right is an advanced feature that can have extensive effects on the system. Ask for more information from iLOQ before you blacklist an access right.

You can upload the blacklist information to the locks through iLOQ Programmer. Network modules receive the blacklist information automatically.

  • If there is a check mark in the check box, the lock already has the latest blocked list version and no actions are needed.
  • If the field is empty, the blocked list must be updated for the lock. This can be done by visiting the lock with the key that has the latest blocked list version.