Adding Administrative User Credentials

This section describes how to add administrative user credentials to iLOQ Locking System.

Create the administrative user credentials below:

  • One set of user credentials for yourself.
  • One set of user credentials for the customer.
  • Keep the Admin user credentials as the root user credentials.

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Administration > Browse users.
  2. Select Add user.
    The Adding a user ID wizard is opened.
  3. Select Add user ID with a token.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Select Add user with a user name
  6. Select Next.
  7. Enter the First name and the Last name of the administrative user.
  8. Select Next.
  9. Select the token.
  10. Select Next.
  11. Enter a User-ID and a password for the administrative user.

    The administrative user password:

    • Must contain at least 6 characters.
    • Is case-sensitive.
  12. Select Next.
  13. Select the Administrator user role from the User rights template drop-down list.
  14. Select Next.
  15. A summary screen is shown.
  16. Select Ready.
  17. Select Close.
  18. Log out of iLOQ Manager.
  19. Insert the token attached to the newly created user credentials, to the iLOQ Programmer socket.
    Ensure that the token clicks to its place.
  20. Login to iLOQ Manager with the newly created user credentials.