Deploying iLOQ Locking System

Before you start deploying iLOQ Locking System, ensure that you have:

  • The iLOQ Manager license.
  • The iLOQ Manager software installed on the Windows operating system. For more information on installing iLOQ Manager, see Installing iLOQ Manager.

    Figure: iLOQ Manager
    iLOQ Manager
  • iLOQ Programmer and device drivers installed to a computer. For more information on installing iLOQ Programmer, see Installing iLOQ S10 Programmer.

    Figure: iLOQ Programmer
    iLOQ Programmer
  • At least one iLOQ Token. We recommend that you add three tokens in iLOQ Locking System.

    Figure: iLOQ Token
    iLOQ Token

The iLOQ Locking System deployment consists, for example, of the phases below:

  1. Add the token and attach it to a user. See Adding the First Token and Attaching It to a User.
  2. Add the administrative user credentials. See Adding Administrative User Credentials.
  3. Add the next tokens. See Adding Additional Tokens and Attaching them to Users.
  4. Enforce logins with tokens. See Enforcing Logins with a Token.
  5. Enable and create estates, if you are planning to use them. See Estates.
  6. Enable and create zones, if you are planning to use them. See Zones.
  7. Import the floor plans. See Adding Floor Plans.
  8. Add the access rights. See Adding Access Rights.
  9. Format the locks. See Formatting and Programming New Locks in the Lock View.
  10. Add and program the locks. See Adding a New Lock onto the Floor Plan.
  11. Add the persons. See Adding a New Person.
  12. Add and program the keys. See Adding a New Key.