Moralzarzal Town Council

All municipal buildings rely on iLOQ’s digital locks


Many companies and institutions continue to rely on iLOQ’s digital locks. That is the case with the Moralzarzal Town Council, in Madrid, which has recently installed iLOQ S5.

The Moralzarzal Town Council, located in the Community of Madrid, decided to install iLOQ S5 digital locks in all municipal buildings. Before that, they needed a minimum of 15 to 20 keys for each building to access, for example, the youth, public safety, and sports areas. Thanks to the change they have managed to reduce them all to just one key. 

All the buildings are easily accessible, and the council workers don’t need to carry around a bunch of keys. The head of the Office for Civil Protection at Moralzarzal Town Council, Carlos Salmerón, explains that “the improvement has been huge», and adds that «the police service is delighted because, with just one key, they can access all the buildings».

Guaranteed access management

With iLOQ’s solution, secure access management is guaranteed. These are buildings that external people can enter and exit on an ad hoc basis. For instance, the bullring of the municipality. Several events are organized there and now it is possible to know who has entered and who has exited, as well as the times they have done so.

The Moralzarzal town councillor for sports and public safety, Jacobo Martín, confirms that «for the workers, it is more comfortable working with just one digital key, and even for the administrators to know what rights they have to grant». 

Easy to install and cost-effective

The iLOQ digital locking system is tailored to the customer’s needs. In this particular case, the Moralzarzal Town Council requested that there should be no changes to any door mechanism and therefore it was integrated into the existing ones.

Installing the iLOQ system ensures economic savings, the Town Council explains. They will never again have to make copies of different keys as only one key is used to open the different access points. And there are no security risks that come from unauthorized copies of the keys.

The Moralzarzal Town Council assures that, with iLOQ digital locks, they have taken a step forward in terms of convenience, speed and security. In this regard, the councillor Jacobo Martín added that «this system seems essential to me; carrying around 50 keys is just primitive».

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