Key reader (incl. A10.56.1 en relais kaart) R10S.3.1

Key reader

Key reader bestaat uit een lees unit A10.56.1 en een relaiskaart

Voeding 12…24VDC

Voordelen en kenmerken

  • Secured using powerful challenge response authentication (SHA-1)
  • Programmed using the iLOQ P10S Programmer
  • iLOQ 2-wire interface for online connection for remote programming
  • Blocklist for individual lost keys
  • Access group list for key accesses (access rights)
  • Pre-blocklisting of lost key by a key
  • Event log »Time stamp with optional real time clock
  • Communication interface for iLOQ Key Reader
  • Place for real time clock (A00.9)
  • External input for controlling conditional access right by potential free contact information
  • 2 potential free relay outputs (K1 and K2) for controlling external device
  • 3 digital outputs for LED-indication for surface mounted Key Readers A10.56.1/2/4
  • RS232 bus for relay extension module » 8 outputs (A00.11) » 16 outputs (A00.12)
  • 2 potential free push button inputs for activating K1 and K2 relays
  • Cylinder interface for activating relay K2 instead of the Key Reader
  • Relay Card can be installed to a safe place » A10.83 enclosure available as an accessory