EFIRACK selects the iLOQ S50 and S10 solutions to meet the security and greentech issues of the data center

EFIRACK has selected the iLOQ S50 and S10 solutions to provide its customers with an innovative and greentech security system.

Anne Le Crenn Denechere and Gwenael Adine explain this choice: “iLOQ offers a revolutionary solution in the management of bays and rack access. This plug-and-play solution on our cabinets has no need for wiring and even fewer batteries.

“iLOQ offers an intuitive software solution and is distinguished by two advanced technologies: the S50 cylinder with its NFC-enabled smartphone technology and the electronic S10 cylinder that is self-powered by the insertion of the key. We think the solutions will bring great added value for our customers.”

EFIRACK is a French company specializing in the design, manufacture, integration and development of server bays, networks and telecommunications in their ecosystem.

Since 1990, EFIRACK has joined the Groupe RITTAL, the leader in the IT infrastructure market. The complementarity of their solutions now allows both companies to address the HyperScale, Cloud and Edge computing markets.

Expert in network and computer solutions, EFIRACK designs and implements global solutions for data centers and computer rooms of all sizes. These customized and turnkey solutions integrate the issues of energy distribution, cooling, operation, development and IT security.

The Company’s goal is to provide customers with adapted responses that combine reliability, upgradability and energy efficiency. EFIRACK selects innovative, efficient and effective technologies and materials from an energetic control point of view, which ensures consumption/power ratios are among the best performers on the market. EFIRACK chose iLOQ because their solutions meet these criteria while respecting the environment.

EFIRACK expert networks and IT solutions:

Supervision, monitoring and access control.


Time saving: Complete and personalized project management
Turnkey: A dedicated interlocutor, present throughout the project
Technical competence. Customers can rely on the know-how and the long experience of EFIRACK’s network experts, IT, urbanization
Profitability: EFIRACK determines with customers the ideal solution for their application and environment.

Presence: France, DOM, Africa
Factory: Burgundy
Agencies: Toulouse, Lyon, Rennes, Lille

More than 2,000 customer references


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From the left: Mickaël Coupireau, Area Sales Manager, iLOQ France; Anne Le Crenn Denechere, Marketing Manager, EFIRACK; Jean-Noël Galliot, Managing Director, iLOQ France; Flavien Torres, Sales Director, EFIRACK; Gwenael Adine, Manager Electronic and Software Solutions, EFIRACK; Arnaud Broustal, Technical Director, iLOQ France.