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The Vaasa Hospital District, which is made up of municipalities in the coastal region of Ostrobothnia, is responsible for providing specialized healthcare services to a population of almost 170,000 people. The area stretches from the municipality of Luodo in the north to Kristiinankaupunki in the south.

Opening in 2022, the new H-building, built using the alliance model, is the largest construction project in the history of the Vaasa Hospital District. With a total surface area of 37,000 m2, the new premises located in Hietalahti will have 10 floors plus a technical area.

The completed H-building will be a flexible, multi-purpose and intelligent hospital building with modern, high-quality facilities, a safe environment and the capacity to use future technologies. It will bring together primary healthcare, specialized medical and social care services, both provincial and private, under one roof.

The H-building will be home to hundreds of healthcare, social service and other professionals, including logistics and maintenance employees, office staff and facility managers. With access needed to many different facilities, hundreds of changing rooms and dozens of medicine cabinets, Vaasa Hospital District was looking for a solution to ensure smooth movement throughout the premises while maintaining high levels of security.

Access management in the H-building will be quick, easy and secure using the iLOQ 5 Series digital locking and access management solutions. The system currently includes around 4,000 locks and 1,000 keys but can be upgraded to meet future needs. Some of the solutions have already been installed during the construction phase.

“Thanks to the iLOQ access management system, which is tailored to our needs, we can maintain the security of the hospital’s customers and staff and enable flexible access management in different situations. Security is always kept up to date, as the system allows, for example, the remote removal of lost or unreturned keys. We also value the manageability of the entire system from a single software package, the advantages it offers in terms of usability and cost effectiveness, and the possibilities for integration with external systems,” explains Timo Koivisto, Project Manager and Property Engineer at Vaasa Hospital District.

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Timo Koivisto, Project Manager and Real Estate Engineer, Vaasa Hospital District

Raami Arkkitehdit Oy, Maikki Laattala and Mikko Reinikainen

Lukko Vaasa Oy, Visa Katajisto

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