Simple, secure access management for three wagnis housing communities in Munich


Case wagnis: simple, secure access management for three housing communities in Munich

iLOQ provides effortlessness and security to varied private and communal access needs across three wagnis housing communities in Munich.

iLOQ provides effortlessness and security to varied private and communal access needs across three wagnis housing communities in Munich.

Varied access requirements

wagnis is a housing cooperative that realizes ecologically sustainable housing communities across Munich, Germany. These self-organized and self-managed projects are based on the residents’ active involvement in planning and construction as well as in everyday living. The idea is to provide socially and ecologically sustainable living that is safe and affordable. wagnis has a steadily growing number of housing projects and each project includes a high number of communal spaces as well as individual apartments. Managing access rights for such varied access requirements and a great number of people was challenging before the iLOQ solution was adopted in 2017.

“The transition from mechanical locking to digital access management was easy for us thanks to our software-savvy administrator. We collaborate closely with iLOQ, contributing our development ideas especially for the access management interface. We are satisfied with the iLOQ solutions and the support we get from iLOQ,” states Christoph Miller Board Member, Housing cooperative at wagnis.

Simplifying access management

The implementation of iLOQ digital access management offered a great relief to the wagnis housing co-operative by providing secure locking together with an easy and efficient solution to access management. The first wagnis housing project to have the iLOQ S10 electronic locking system installed was wagnis 4, Ackermannbogen, located in the Schwabing district of Munich. Unlike other electronic systems, the S10 system does not require the use of cables or batteries. The motion of inserting a key to the lock provides enough energy for the whole system to operate. Based on the positive experiences gained at wagnis 4, the iLOQ solution was recommended to several builders of the communal housing projects. In 2019/2020 the S10 system was also implemented in wagnis Park, located in Prinz Eugen Park in the Oberföhring district of Munich. After the launch of iLOQ’s more advanced S5 system in 2020, this was chosen for a new construction project, the wagnis RIO, on Willy-Brandt-Allee in Messestadt Riem. Happy with the effortlessness and sustainability of iLOQ’s solution and services, wagnis plans to implement iLOQ solutions in future projects as well.

Easy to manage, easy to use – and sustainable

For the three wagnis housing projects using iLOQ systems, access rights can be managed and updated centrally through a cloud-based portal. All iLOQ keys are reusable and can be reprogrammed any number of times. In case of lost or misplaced keys, the access rights of the individual key can be instantly blocked without having to change the locks and make new keys for everyone. It is equally easy to reprogram the access rights of any locked space, be it a room, a courtyard or a storage unit. Ecological sustainability is one of the guiding principles of wagnis housing communities. This too makes iLOQ well suited for their locking and access needs. iLOQ’s digital locking solutions are self-powered which reduces energy consumption and eliminates the production of battery waste. As the energy never runs out, the locks and keys remain operational at all times, which is not only user friendly but reduces maintenance needs. The durable solution saves costs, resources and the environment.

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