The field service team receives keys by SMS


Field service team receives keys by SMS

GroenLeven is on a mission to provide the world with clean energy. Together with governments, network operators, companies, education and innovative entrepreneurs, it creates solar energy sources on roofs, greenhouses, parking lots, landfills, industrial sites and on water. Considering it a ‘dual function’ these sites give sustainable energy back to the world and GroenLeven fulfills its responsibility for taking care of future generations. 


GroenLeven had faced challenges providing access for the maintenance team to the electrical installations. Managing physical keys and all their associated risks for every single lock was time consuming and expensive. And maintaining the required levels of security was impossible. The iLOQ S50 mobile access sharing system provided the solution. 

With iLOQ S50, a smartphone is the key. Mobile access control is fully integrated in GroenLeven’s access control environment, and access rights are automatically sent to the phone of the employee on duty, saving time and money. The solution also makes clever use of NFC technology by harvesting the energy required to unlock cylinders from the smartphone’s battery. 

At the locations that will be constructed in the coming years, no keys will be required; there is no excess cabling and no need to constantly change the batteries for the locks. This guarantees the highest levels of safety and reliable operation, even during power outages, and makes access to the vital infrastructure safer and easier. 

GroenLeven chose iLOQ S50 because it offers a safe solution for protecting the electrical installations. iLOQ offers the possibility to manage many electrical installations centrally. This means that it is not necessary to have a physical key for every lock with all its associated risks,” states Ton TinkhofProject and organizational developmentGroenLeven. 

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