Brand vs good business sense

Branding is big business these days. Companies spend a fortune on employing agencies to create and build their brand. In a lot of cases, branding is the only way for a product or service to get noticed in a new or already established market.

However, when you are faced with a product that seems to tick all the right boxes – packed with benefits, saves you money – but you’re not so familiar with the brand, and a product that might not have all the latest features and accessories, but it’s a well-known brand, which one would you choose?

KONE, Nokia, Angry Birds. What do these three companies have in common? They are all well-known brands that had very humble beginnings in Finland. Each one has earned the reputation of a being a global innovator by providing breakthrough technologies and responding to the needs of society.

KONE’s story started in 1910 with a machine repair shop in Helsinki. Through hard work and diversification, KONE is now renowned for enabling the smooth flow of millions of people in urban centers across the world.

Nokia started out as a paper mill, but branched out and took advantage of new technologies to effectively define the mobile phone industry.

Even Rovio – the entertainment company behind the Angry Birds – has, within a decade, gone from being the developer and publisher of the Angry Birds mobile game to becoming a company that offers multiple mobile games, has produced the Angry Birds Movie, and licenses the Angry Birds brand to consumer products and other entertainment content. A true global brand. But they got there in the first place by providing what the consumer wants – a fun game that’s easy and entertaining to play.

iLOQ recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. For sure, not everyone knows our name yet. But, trust me, they soon will. Each year we’re growing exponentially and developing new technologies that are helping to revolutionize the locking industry. Last year, we expanded our European operations to include offices in France and Spain. This year, there are plans to expand into even more countries and markets.

We are also heavily investing in marketing and communications to spread the word about our unique self-powered technology that provides simple, secure and cost-effective access management. And we’re building a superior digital customer experience to ensure that we are the easiest partner to do business with.

We may not be the best-known brand in the locking industry – YET! – but our solutions certainly make the best business sense.

Click here to find out more about our iLOQ S10 digital locking solutions that are powered with the push of a key. And here to learn about iLOQ S50 where your smartphone is both a key and a power source. Our sales team is always happy to discuss how our solutions are making life accessible. Give them a call.

Watch this space for all the latest developments from iLOQ. We are most definitely changing the game, and we hope that soon, when you think about digital or mobile access management, all you think about is iLOQ.