Cities are becoming smarter and more sustainable, thanks to iLOQ

Today’s cities need to accommodate an increasing number of people into smaller geographical areas. A change in outlook is essential to fulfill the growing need for: 

Our cities need to become ‘smarter’ and more sustainable by making use of digital solutions and implementing higher levels of technology. 

How is iLOQ contributing to the development of smart cities? 

iLOQ’s purpose is making life accessible. We do this by innovating solutions that offer people, businesses and organizations freedom from mechanical locks and keys. iLOQ’s solutions are designed to maximize security, minimize administration time and impact on the environment, drive down lifecycle costs and boost the value of properties. 

Since 2003, iLOQ has been developing digital locking and mobile access sharing solutions that can now be seen in all sectors of a smart city; in our residential properties, student housing, schools and public facilities, offices, hospitals and utilities. They ensure high levels of security and unparalleled access management capabilities, along with competitive lifecycle costs and significant savings, to building owners, users and key holders. 

iLOQ’s solutions are entirely battery free. This saves 50,000 kg of battery waste every year making them the most sustainable in the market. It also saves businesses time, money and the travel-related environmental impact associated with maintenance activities.  

What are the benefits of iLOQ’s solutions? 

iLOQ’s digital locking system: 

iLOQ’s mobile access sharing solution: 

Going forwards, iLOQ is focusing on developing digital and software solutions that offer even more possibilities for smarter living and working environments. This ensures not only the growth, but, more importantly, the sustainable growth of our cities. 

We are ready for the thrilling challenges that come from a rapidly changing and continuously developing digital world, and are looking forward to contributing to the broader debate on sustainable strategies at the World Economic Forum next year in Davos.