Great minds think alike!

In February 2008, the first Tesla Roadster – a zero-emission sports car – was delivered to Tesla co-founder Elon Musk. With the motto of changing the current world to a clean, sustainable world, the introduction of the Tesla has paved the way for a wide range of hybrid and full-blown electric vehicles.

This was headline news in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. But, did you know that, already a year earlier, a major innovation in the same field of engineering had already entered the market?

In 2007, iLOQ introduced the world’s first electronic locking system. The iLOQ S10 is a digital locking system that harvests the energy needed for unlocking from the simple motion of inserting a key into a lock – no batteries or, for that matter, cables are needed. This unique solution is already saving 27,000 kg of battery waste and 7,000 kg of metal waste evert year – Mother Nature owes iLOQ a debt of gratitude!

Since 2007, iLOQ has gone from strength to strength and from innovation to innovation. Hot on the heels of the iLOQ S10 came the iLOQ S50 – a keyless, NFC-enabled mobile access locking solution. iLOQ S50 was the first lock cylinder on the planet to harvest energy for unlocking from a smartphone. With a smartphone as both a key and a power source, physical keys became redundant – reducing the use of precious resources still further.

Did you also know that, every year, approximately 800,000 tons of automotive batteries, 190,000 tons of industrial batteries, and 160,000 tons of consumer batteries enter the European Union alone? The EU legislation on waste batteries, detailed in the Batteries Directive, intends to contribute to the protection, preservation and improvement of the quality of the environment by minimizing the negative impact of batteries and waste batteries. By focusing on innovating battery-free solutions, our conscience is clear!

iLOQ will continue to develop locking solutions that push the boundaries of innovation and ensure, at the same time, that they continue to be the greenest and most sustainable locking solutions on the planet.