Meet the iLOQ padlock family

For 20 years, iLOQ has been revolutionizing the locking industry. Already in 2016, we introduced the first lock cylinder on the planet to use wireless charging technology from a smartphone for unlocking. This innovation – iLOQ S50 – takes batteries and excess wiring out of the equation ensuring zero maintenance, minimizing lifecycle costs and eliminating battery waste.

Access rights for opening the lock cylinders are sent to iLOQ’s app running on an end user’s smartphone. This makes the solution also entirely keyless. There’s no need to carry around huge bunches of keys or travel between work sites and administration offices to pick up and return keys, optimizing workflows and reducing travel-related environmental impact. The security risks involved with lost, stolen or unreturned keys are also eliminated.

A major element in the iLOQ S50 product line is our family of padlocks. These strong and sturdy products are used to secure, for example, critical infrastructure and telecom sites and data centers, and for smaller storage areas such as medicine cabinets, lockers, barriers and mailboxes.

Our padlocks come in three different sizes depending on the grading which means the security of the lock. The CEN (central European norm) grading system uses a scale from 1–6 with 6 offering the highest security rating. CEN testing examines a lock’s resistance to attacks such as, sawing, twisting, drilling and cutting. It also assesses its resistance to extreme temperatures (down to -40 oC). Battery-powered padlocks are usually not certified as they cannot withstand such low temperatures.

iLOQ’s padlocks come in several shackle lengths.

In grade 3, the options are: 25 mm, 60 mm and 110 mm.

In grades 4 and 5, the options are: 27 mm and 50 mm.

There are also two operational modes. The first is where the user needs to present their smartphone with their access credentials (the mobile key) to both open and close the padlock. The other mode is where the user needs to present the mobile key to open the lock, but it can be closed by simply turning the knob. The first mode has the added advantage of providing two audit trails – the first when the lock is opened and the second when the lock is closed. This provides the opportunity to estimate for how long the lock had been open.

For a presentation of the iLOQ padlock family, watch this video.

Meet our battery-free and keyless padlock family

And, if you want to see even more evidence of the durability and reliability of our padlocks, watch this video. We sent one of our padlocks up into the stratosphere at an altitude of 26,765 m and in a temperature of -64oC. It arrived safely back down to earth and opened with no issues.

iLOQ in brief

iLOQ is a technology disruptor that has revolutionized the locking industry by replacing mechanical locking to make life limitless. Battery- and cable-free smart locks maximize security, minimize lifecycle costs and enhance the sustainability of properties and infrastructures. iLOQ operates in more than 30 countries with over 1,600 partner locations globally. In 2022, iLOQ had a turnover of €132.9 million and more than 300 employees.