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Unbeatable benefits of our digital locking systems

iLOQ is leading the way in developing digital and mobile locking systems. Our battery- and cable-free systems are safe and sustainable and provide reliable access to the buildings we use daily.


State-of-the-art security

Access rights of lost, stolen or unreturned keys are easily removed and re-issued minimizing administration and costs while maintaining security.

Low maintenance, environmentally friendly

iLOQ cylinders and keys can be reused and securely reprogrammed. No batteries or hard-wiring of additional access-control systems are needed.

Save costs over the lifecycle

Easy-to-use software provides a simple and cost-effective way to view, control and expand access rights.

Boosted property value

With total control over access rights, next-to-no maintenance and reduced costs over the entire lifecycle, property values receive a healthy boost.

Use our online calculator to estimate your savings

You’ll be surprised to see how much iLOQ can reduce your lifecycle expenses. The more keys and locks your properties contain, the more you will reduce the costs. No more changing of locks or batteries. No more wasted resources.

Find out how much you can save

Smart locking systems for your properties

No matter what kind of property you are managing, and what type of locking and administration challenges you face, iLOQ has an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Digital locking powered with the push of a key

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Your smartphone as a key and power source

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Satisfied customers are the best references

iLOQ is involved in many projects around the world. We focus on making life accessible and offering top-quality services that provide added value for all. Here are some of our latest success stories. Click here to find out more.

iLOQ continues co-operation with Formula One world champion Kimi Räikkönen

iLOQ – the leading innovator in self-powered digital and mobile access management – has signed a two-year contract with Formula One World Champion Kimi Räikkönen.

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