Self-powered locking system

iLOQ S10 is the only electronic locking system in the world that self-powers by harvesting electricity from key insertion. Its programmable locks and keys can therefore operate without batteries or cables. In addition to lock cylinders for doors, the product family covers cam locks, padlocks and installation equipment. iLOQ is easy to install, as the lock cylinder can be fitted to any modern lock case without modifications. The life cycle costs of iLOQ are considerably lower than those of a mechanical locking system requiring rekeying, or those of a battery-operated electromechanical locking system.


Tailor-made access rights

Some hospital staff members only work within a limited area, such as a single unit or floor. For others, their work tasks require them to move around the whole hospital. The iLOQ S10 system makes it easy to tailor access rights to suit the needs of everyone. The keys of every nurse, doctor or other member of staff are programmed with precisely the access rights that their work tasks require. This gives everyone access to the facilities their work mandates, while preventing anyone entering areas where they don’t have access rights.


Easy to update

Access rights are uploaded onto keys and locks, allowing the administrator to change the rights quickly and easily. For example, a nurse whose work tasks are being transferred to another unit can obtain her updated access rights for the key at the start of the shift from the key programming hotspot, even in the middle of the night.


The choice of the future

The locking solution of a hospital has an impact on the efficiency and security of daily operations. The iLOQ S10 is a top-quality, flexible and secure locking system that meets the requirements of hospitals both today and for decades to come. The system can easily be expanded to a lightweight and practical access management system.


Four unbeatable benefits

Easy management of hundreds of locks and keys

Access rights are managed with easy-to-use software. The system administrator can expand or revoke the access rights programmed into keys and locks. Locks are displayed in the software with floor plans that show at a glance, for example, any locks that a certain key can access. Personnel data can be imported to the software directly from the hospital’s staff information system.

Access rights are updated quickly for changing tasks

As work tasks change, access rights can be updated to the key quickly and easily. Information on new access rights is transferred easiest when the key is used at a wall-mounted key programming hotspot. iLOQ enables all required access rights to be programmed on one key, allowing it to access anything from doors and medicine cabinets to padlocks. Heavy key bunches are a thing of the past.

If a key is lost, locks do not need to be changed or rekeyed.

The access rights of a lost key are removed from the system quickly, easily and inexpensively, without the need to change or rekey any locks. Nor is there any need to change any of the keys still in use. iLOQ thus ensures a permanently high level of security throughout the property. Additionally, the locks store an event log of their usage, aiding in the investigation of any misuse.

Access management in the same system

The self-powered iLOQ S10 locking system can be expanded to a remotely controlled iLOQ Online access management system. Doors can then be installed with remote controlled lock cylinders, RFID and PIN code readers and time-controlled electronic locks. The entire locking system can be administered using the same software.


iLOQ S10 is the only electronic locking system in the world that is self-powered by harvesting the needed energy from the key insertion. This means locks and keys operate without batteries.

The battery-free locking system is easy and affordable to maintain. There is no need to replace batteries, and locks and keys are always operational. Over time, the battery-free iLOQ system significantly saves money and protects the environment.


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The iLOQ locking system was the only reasonable solution for the needs of a new hospital building.

Jorma Korhonen, Head of Security Health Care District of Northern Ostrobothnia

We chose iLOQ because it was easy to define diverse access rights for a large group of users. Moreover, it was simple to modify the implemented system when new needs emerged. Key management has been straightforward and there has been no need to change locks.

Jaana Hildén, Office Manager Mehiläinen NEO, Medical Center

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