cerradura inteligente hospital san juan de Dios Zaragoza

San Juan de Dios

Connected and communicating devices keep hospital access rights up to date


With quality, respect and responsibility at the core of their values, the San Juan de Dios hospital in Zaragoza, Spain, promotes comprehensive care. Institutions such as San Juan de Dios believe that iLOQ’s intelligent locks are the future; they are an innovation.

The coronavirus has made us rethink many of the actions we have previously taken for granted: opening a door, entering a code, or putting a finger onto a biometric reader. Nowadays, when we get into an elevator, we find it hard to touch the button without thinking about COVID-19. Unfortunately, it is a reality that is here to stay. Thankfully, iLOQ’s solutions have allowed us to adapt to this ‘new normal’.

Required access controls

To maintain high levels of security, access controls are becoming increasingly necessary. Security audits carried out by the hospital recommended the need to control access to the pharmacy. In the past, access was granted through a master key which was available to many people. In addition, there was no way to track who had entered and exited the premises. San Juan de Dios decided to install an iLOQ S5 Online RFID/PIN Door Reader system on the door to the pharmacy.

Assigning and updating access rights is quick and simple

The door reader is connected to a door module and features a keypad and NFC/BLE reader. Access is only granted to authorized personnel through their personnel digital key which they hold up to the reader. iLOQ S5 also enables device-to-device communication. This advanced feature allows a vast amount of data to be remotely updated and then shared between readers, keys and locks in a building. Data is updated every time a door is opened. Information, such as access rights, time limitations, lists of blocked keys and audit trails, is quickly shared between the devices before the door is unlocked. With all devices connected and communicating with each other, iLOQ S5 keeps access rights information continually up to date.

“When we were first introduced to iLOQ’s digital locking system, we found it to be a good option because it covered two needs. On the one hand, to reduce the number of people with access to the facility, and, on the other hand, to keep a record of who was entering and when,” explains Jorge Oliva from the hospital’s information systems team. “And not having any kind of power supply makes things much easier,” he concludes.

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