Self-powered locking system

iLOQ S10 is the only electronic locking system in the world that self-powers by harvesting electricity from key insertion. Its programmable locks and keys can therefore operate without batteries or cables. In addition to lock cylinders for doors, the product family covers cam locks, padlocks and installation equipment. iLOQ is easy to install, as the lock cylinder can be fitted to any modern lock case without modifications. The life cycle costs of iLOQ solutions are considerably lower than those of mechanical (or battery-operated electromechanical) locking systems.


Real-time access management

The iLOQ S10 locking system is fully programmable. Even as residents change and keys get lost, the level of security remains high year after year. The access rights of student housing are managed with an easy-to-use cloud-based software, where the placement of locks is displayed on a floor plan of the property. The Manager software shows real-time access data distributed to each individual key. Managing a large amount of keys (and locks) is effortless.


Simple to manage

iLOQ Keys are not made with easy-to-copy cuts. Instead, all information is programmed with secure encryption to the key’s microchip. The access rights of any key can be changed flexibly when a new student moves in or a common facility is re-purposed. Programming a new key only takes seconds.


Easy to update (and expand)

When specific access rights change, the updated information is easy to administer and implement. New access permissions can be changed within the managing software and sent out. A student can then update their new access rights via a “key programming hotspot” on the campus premises – even in the middle of the night. The system can also be supplemented with time-controlled lock cylinders and front door PIN-code and RFID key readers.


Four unbeatable benefits

As residents move in, keys can be distributed timely

When many residents move in simultaneously, student housing administrators can set up access rights in advance by utilizing the “key programming hotspot” installed on the premises. This allows for key distribution ahead of time – enabling students to update their access rights on their own schedule. If a resident changes apartments mid-semester, the same key can be reprogrammed to fit totally different access points.

Lost keys = no replacements of locks and keys in use

The access rights of a lost iLOQ Key are removed from the system quickly, easily and inexpensively without the need to change or re-key any locks. A lost key can no longer be used to access the apartment or common facilities. The access rights are programmed on the key’s microchip with strong encryption, solving unauthorized copying of keys while retaining the property’s high level of security year after year.

One key is enough

A single iLOQ Key can be programmed with all access rights of a given property – including security locks, elevator key switches and padlocks. Reusable keys can be reprogrammed any number of times, without restrictions. One digital iLOQ key is enough for multiple points of entry.

Misuse of common areas is traceable

The iLOQ cylinder logs every instance of opening or attempting to open the lock. Its access log makes it easy to investigate any misuse of communal areas and helps prevent such instances from occurring. If keys are lost, they are easily programmed out of use (blacklisted) without the need to change locks or keys.

iLOQ use cases

Camelot Europe

With iLOQ’s experience in providing self-powered digital locks to student properties, Camelot Europe was ready to simplify their access management systems on their campuses in the Netherlands, with iLOQ’s help.

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Over half of the student tenants living in HOAS housing are already enjoying the benefits of iLOQ digital access management solutions. HOAS believes that the solution makes for an improved customer experience.

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The iLOQ S10 is the only electronic locking system in the world that self-powers by harvesting energy from key insertion. This means locks and keys operate without batteries.

The battery-free locking system is easy and affordable to maintain. There is no need to replace batteries, and locks and keys are always operational. Over time, the battery-free iLOQ S10 solution significantly saves money and protects the environment.

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Camelot chose iLOQ because of its maximum security combined with user convenience for both the tenants and the building management company.

Gert-jan van de Sande, Projectleider/Directievoerder Transformatie en Bouwmanagement Camelot Real Estate

The iLOQ system supports the new strategy and vision of HOAS. HOAS’s vision is: The easiest and most comfortable way of living for a student. The digitally programmable iLOQ system helps shorten the queues at our worst peak times. For new tenants, we will be able to supply the key in time before the changeover date. On the moving day the old tenant key stops working and the key for the new tenant begins to operate. The iLOQ system brings relief to students’ everyday change. In addition, security of the key system is a priority to us.

Matti Tarhio, Managing director Hoas

For us, the reasons for choosing iLOQ were, first and foremost, its adaptability and reliability. It is easy to remove lost keys from the system, access rights can be modified and keys function reliably even in the cold.

Satu Varstala, Property Manager KOAS

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