Global first

iLOQ S50 is the world’s first and only access control system that harvests the needed energy from an NFC mobile phone. The phone functions both as a key and a power source. Real-time access right management is handled by the iLOQ Manager cloud-service software. The solution offers completely new opportunities for the management of geographically distant electronic locks. Typical uses may include, for example, on-site key storage boxes or technical facilities located in the field.


A revolutionary concept

Traditional smart locks using NFC technology function by means of the electric-powered lock actively scanning its environment for smart phone tags. The iLOQ S50 turns this around, with the smart phone serving as the active NFC reader and the lock as a passive identifier. The lock is activated with the phone’s NFC induction, which generates just enough electrical energy to identify access rights and open the lock. The lock is opened by turning the thumb turn. The patented technology is based on energy recovery and the lock’s extremely low energy requirements.


Secure and practical

The phone is authenticated by the PKI encryption system (Public Key Infrastructure, PKI), and the lock and phone use AES-256 encryption for mutual authentication. All events of the lock’s use are reported to the cloud services in real-time. iLOQ S50 is the superior solution for use in geographically scattered, multi-site applications, such as telecommunications towers. Access rights can be granted to the nearest mechanic, and the lock is always reliable as it has no battery that could be drained over time.



The iLOQ S50 mobile application is available for compatible NFC smart phones, such as Android devices. The app can also be used in tandem with the iLOQ Fob, where the smart phone acts as a link between iLOQ Fob, connected to the smart phone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and the cloud service. In this way, the smart phone’s operating system does not need to be Android.


Four unbeatable benefits

Phone as both key and power source

Creating, sharing and revoking access rights is done securely and easily with a few clicks through the cloud-based service. Access rights can be updated to the recipient’s smart phone even over thousands of kilometres. The smart lock system is updated in real-time, and does not require extensive IT infrastructure to operate.

Easy management of key tubes

iLOQ S50 presents a superior solution for the secure management of key tubes in, for example, property maintenance or rescue services. Digital access rights can be changed, shared and revoked in real-time. iLOQ S50 is compatible with the iLOQ S10 locking system, allowing access rights to be managed under a single system using the iLOQ Manager software.

No maintenance needed for lock cylinders

The iLOQ S50 lock cylinder requires no maintenance, as it does not contain any batteries, cables or even a keyhole. The technology is shielded from weather and dust. iLOQ S50’s reliability is highlighted in, for example, the locks of electrical and telecommunications facilities, to open even in extreme conditions.

Easy to install

The iLOQ S50 lock cylinder is installed quickly and easily in place of the existing lock cylinder, without the need for cabling or modifications to the door. The iLOQ S50  product family also covers key tubes, door lock cylinders, cam locks and padlocks.

Available in H1/2018

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