Self-powered locking system

iLOQ is the only electronic locking system in the world that self-powers by harvesting electricity from key insertion. Its programmable locks and keys can therefore operate without batteries or cables. In sites with master-key lock systems, such as schools and public facilities, iLOQ provides the advantages of electronic locking to all doors without the need for expensive cabling or replacing batteries. The system is easy to expand into a remotely controlled access management system, whereby the electric locks of the main door are remotely managed and time-controlled.


Low life cycle costs

iLOQ has low maintenance costs as there is no need to rekey locks or renew locks, keys or batteries. The savings are significant in extensive lock systems of hundreds or thousands of keys and locks. Keys can also be reused. Additionally, iLOQ is easy to install, as the lock cylinder is compatible with modern lock cases without the need for modifications.


Permanently high level of security

iLOQ S10 presents a flexible and secure locking system. The keys are protected from copying not by their shape or the validity of the patent, but by a strong rolling code encryption. Appreciation for digital copy protection is growing as mechanical keys can currently be copied even with 3D printers. iLOQ also helps investigate any possible misuse, as the digital identification allows all data of opening or attempts to open the lock to be logged on the lock cylinder memory.


Lasting solution for locking challenges

The management of an extensive and complex system of locks with traditional methods is labour-intensive, expensive and often impossible in practice. Mechanical locking systems are inflexible, and require the locking to be planned in advance for the entire life cycle of the property. In contrast, the iLOQ S10 system is fully modifiable depending on the use of the facilities and their users’ wishes. The option to expand the system to a lightweight and practical access management system also ensures that future needs are met.


Four unbeatable benefits

If a key is lost, locks do not need to be changed or rekeyed.

The access rights of a lost iLOQ Key are removed from the system quickly, easily and inexpensively, without the need to change or rekey any locks. Nor is there any need to change any of the keys still in use. The access rights are programmed on the key’s microchip with strong encryption, solving also unauthorised copying of keys and expiration of patents.

Key management is simple and always up-to-date

iLOQ enables the management of an up-to-date key registry with easy-to-use software. The key management of several properties or a system of even thousands of locks can be done centrally. Access rights are loaded onto the keys electronically, making the handing over of new keys simple and fast.

Access management in the same system

The self-powered iLOQ S10 -locking system can be expanded to a lightweight and practical iLOQ S10 Online access management system. Selected doors can be installed with remote-controlled lock cylinders, RFID and PIN code readers and time-controlled electronic doors. For example, the sports facilities of a school can be scheduled to open with a PIN code during a certain time.

Locking adapts to changes in facilities

When the function or arrangement of the facilities is changed, access rights can be updated quickly and easily. Keys and locks do not need to be changed, only reprogrammed. iLOQ also allows for the programming of access rights on the same key, enabling it to unlock anything from doors and cam locks to padlocks. A single iLOQ Key can replace the burdensome key bunch.

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