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Turku Cathedral enhances access management with iLOQ’s locking solution


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About the customer

Managing the more than 200 buildings and nearly 500 employees of the Turku and Kaarina Parish Association in Finland requires a variety of efficient access management solutions.

In particular, the upcoming major renovation of Turku Cathedral makes it necessary to improve access control. Securing, monitoring and managing access for contractors and related operators will be key during the renovation.

About the project

The Parish of Turku and Kaarina has been using the iLOQ locking solution for more than ten years, and now the solution has also been implemented in Turku Cathedral. This church, built in the 13th century, is one of the most important historical buildings in Finland.

Watch the video

See how iLOQ’s smart-locking solution makes everyday life easier for Turku and Kaarina Parish Council

Watch the video

See how iLOQ’s smart-locking solution makes everyday life easier for Turku and Kaarina Parish Council

The solution

Improving the access control of Turku Cathedral is a key issue during the upcoming renovation. The renovation phase will require the parish to issue various access rights to a number of different parties. iLOQ’s locking system provides a secure and easy way to manage access rights. We also appreciate the ability to program the keys ourselves, which makes key management more efficient.

We value the manageability of the entire system from a single software package, with its advantages in terms of usability and cost-effectiveness.

The iLOQ solution allows us to manage access to multiple sites without the need for multiple keys. One key can be used to program access to many different parish buildings. Real-time log data allows all users of the premises to be monitored, helping to prevent unauthorized access.

The battery-free nature of the iLOQ solution reduces the need for maintenance, making the lock system a maintenance-free and sustainable locking solution.

How the everyday life of Turku Cathedral became easier

Freedom from maintenance and reliability

iLOQ enables the removal of lost keys and the rapid recycling of keys that have been returned from use. Reliable operation in all environments, even during power cuts.

Safety as a priority

Real-time visibility of access rights to the property, users accessing different areas and log information on the use of areas. Misuse is reduced and security levels remain high.

Lower lifecycle costs

By reducing the cost of replacing lost keys, locks and batteries, and the travel involved in retrieving keys, property managers can focus their resources on developing their core business. Installation on existing cylinders is easy and requires no cabling.

Less key management

Access rights for multiple buildings can be programmed to one key. Property managers can quickly respond to the access needs of church employees and staff requiring temporary access.

“In our experience, iLOQ has met our needs and we will certainly continue to use the products. The locks have been completely maintenance-free and do not require batteries – they are easy to use and are functional.”

Mikko Artukka

Real Estate Development Manager, Turku and Kaarina Parish Council

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