Tajamar School

Tajamar School renews and expands iLOQ electronic locks


The school continues to rely on the iLOQ system

Tajamar School in Madrid continues to rely on iLOQ’s electronic locks. The school’s management was looking for a solution to the problem they had with accesses. In 2020, in the first phase, they began the process of changing the conventional mechanical lock to the iLOQ S10 electronic lock. And now, in this second phase, they are replacing the iLOQ S10 locks with the iLOQ S5 and extended the solution to the rest of the school’s accesses that had not yet been changed.

Tajamar School is an educational center with more than 2,000 students, in excess of 550 doors and about 250 teaching, administration and service employees. The average number of keys for a teacher was between 10 and 15 keys. David Rodriguez, the Assistant Secretary of Tajamar School, explains:

“It was unfeasible to carry all the key bunches and, every time a key was lost, we had to change 200 cylinders and make thousands of new keys. So, we contacted iLOQ and thought it was a good system because we didn’t have to electrify the door.”

The installation of the iLOQ electronic lock does not require electricity or batteries. This fact was very important when deciding on which system was to be implemented at the Tajamar School. Mr Rodriguez explains that as the school is 60 years old and has more than 500 doors, it was very important for them to have a battery- and cable-free solution:

“If we had put electricity in the doors or installed a battery-powered solution, we would have had to have a maintenance person only changing batteries every day because we have more than 500 doors.”

A secure system

In addition to facilitating access and solving the problem of key copies, Tajamar School wanted to go for a secure system. And “with iLOQ, we found it”, explains Mr Rodriguez. He adds that, with iLOQ “it is not just the key that opens the door. When you turn the key, you have the positive part that it is electronic that gives permission to open the door”.

We replaced the iLOQ S10 digital lock with the S5

To continue growing and updating the digital locking system, the Tajamar School decided to replace the iLOQ S10 systems that they had installed in the first phase with iLOQ S5 locks. In addition, in this second phase, they are also updating school facilities that still had the conventional lock. A process, that Mr Rodriguez tells us, is “very easy and is progressing at a faster pace than expected”.

Mr Rodriguez concludes that, being a school, their job is to educate and having this system makes their work much easier because it has solved a problem. So, when asked if he would recommend iLOQ, the answer was a categorical: “150% recommendation”.

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