With the iLOQ S10 digital locking solution, the power needed to confirm access rights and open the lock comes from the motion of inserting the key into the lock. No batteries or cables are needed. The iLOQ S10 cylinder is easy to install and can be fitted to any modern lock case without modifications. In addition to lock cylinders for doors, the product family includes, for example, cam locks, padlocks and installation equipment.

With the iLOQ S50 mobile access management solution, the power needed to confirm access rights and open the lock comes from a smartphone. iLOQ S50 allows access rights to be shared instantly over-the-air, putting power directly into the hands of the right people.

With no need to worry about changing batteries or power cuts, our customers save thousands upon thousands in maintenance costs over the lifecycle of the locking system and eliminate huge amounts of battery waste. That’s good for the bottom line and an added bonus for the environment.

High on security, low on costs

State-of-the-art security

The heavily encrypted iLOQ S10 keys cannot be copied. The access rights of lost, stolen or unreturned keys can be quickly and inexpensively removed from the system and re-issued. And there is no need to change or re-key any locks, or change any of the keys still in use. This helps to simplify administration and minimize costs.

iLOQ’s lock cylinders create an access log that shows every time someone opens or attempts to open the lock. Tracking the use of keys lets you easily investigate the misuse of common spaces and remove access rights to those keys, ensuring security is maintained at the highest possible level throughout the property. And, with complete independence from batteries and the power grid, the iLOQ system is always operational.

iLOQ S50 offers the needed security paired with efficient over-the-air access sharing. This eases operating logistics, reduces costs and allows the utilities industry to focus on providing services to ensure a smoothly running modern society.

Simplified administration

Access rights are controlled using cloud-based iLOQ Manager software. Administrators have a real-time view of the property’s floor plan showing keys, locks and readers, and who has access rights to which areas. Programming a new key, adjusting access rights or removing a key from the system can be done quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Lifecycle cost savings

Compared to traditional locking systems, iLOQ needs no batteries or the manpower to change them. In large properties, this saves potentially millions of euros in maintenance costs over the lifecycle of the locking system.

With iLOQ S10, lost or stolen keys can be quickly removed from the system – there’s no need to change the lock cylinders or reissue keys saving administrative time and costs. And, with iLOQ S50, access rights can be shared in real-time over-the-air, putting power securely and instantly into the hands of the right people.

Tested and approved by security organizations

iLOQ’s product family is under constant development and testing in order to ensure that our operations meet the highest standards set by the security industry. Approvals given to iLOQ by independent organizations are important indicators that prove the safety of our solutions.

We cooperate with leading specialists in the security sector. A current list of approvals can be found here.

Locking solutions for your properties

No matter what type of locking and access management challenges you face, iLOQ has an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Digital locking powered with the push of a key

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Your smartphone as a key and power source

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