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iLOQ Privus use cases

I lost my key. I updated the locks.

I lost it somewhere. Maybe it dropped out of my bag in the supermarket carpark. Anyway, our locks were quickly reprogrammed.

No worries, Dad will make me a new key.

Luckily, the key that was lost on his way to school, was programmed to only open the front door. The locking was quickly updated.

The plumber gets a key for Friday.

We agreed with the plumber that he could come while we’re at work.

The rehearsal room is now open to our bass player.

We programmed our garage door lock to open with our bass player’s own home key.

  • I lost my key. I updated the locks.
  • No worries, Dad will make me a new key.
  • The plumber gets a key for Friday.
  • The rehearsal room is now open to our bass player.

Program locks and keys yourself

Manage access rights easily and safely. Eliminate a lost key or a make new key in just a few minutes.

Easy to install and use

iLOQ Privus is easy to install into to existing cylinders lock cases. No need for wiring or batteries as iLOQ is powered when the key is inserted into the lock cylinder.

One key fits all

With iLOQ you can program your key for several locks. You can use the same key at home, your recreation property or and office.


You program the access rights in of the battery-free key yourself. For example, you can even specify that only the adults in your family have access to the garage and storage. The same key can be used at home, at the recreation property, and in the office. All keys are mechanically identical. The encrypted key can not be copied.

Lock cylinder

Finnish iLOQ is the world’s first and only electronic lock cylinder that is powered by the key insertion. The standard sized lock cylinder can be installed on an existing lock case, without the hassle of batteries or expensive cabling. The lock cylinder stands hard wearing and is reliable in cold weather.

Programming keys

Access rights of the keys and locks are defined using the programming keys. You don’t need a computer or special programming device. Programming Adding a key is quick and easy – you can add a new key in seconds. If a key is lost, you can easily eliminate it by reprogramming the lock cylinder. The iLOQ Privus Starter Package comes with clear installation and programming instructions.

Award-winning technology

The Finnish iLOQ Privus home locking system is based on the iLOQ patented technology used by housing companies, in rental buildings, industrial and office buildings, hospitals, schools and other demanding applications where high levels of security are demanded.