iLOQ HOME – Unlocking smart living

iLOQ HOME is a digital access management solution that fundamentally changes the way of living in residential properties.

iLOQ is a leading developer of digital services and software solutions that turn buildings into modern living environments. With iLOQ HOME, we are unlocking society’s demands for more sustainable, secure and smarter living.

Ground-breaking features that make your life smoother, safer and smarter

The revolutionary iLOQ HOME enhances everyday living by increasing the comfort and safety of your own home.

In master-key systems, iLOQ HOME provides a comprehensive overview of who has accessed your apartment using the master key. Enjoy added security and help to prevent unauthorized use.

View and keep up-to-date information about all the keys to your apartment. Set up profiles and assign individual keys to, for example, specific members of your family.

If your housing association has additional services, for example, cars or trailers that can be rented, you can quickly and easily reserve them.

Immediately block lost or stolen keys and order new keys. Update their accesses using the NFC technology on your smartphone.

Open the main entrance remotely – ideal, for example, for deliveries or to welcome visitors. You can even share the access code to make it easy for visiting friends and family.

This feature, that’s never been a possibility before in central key systems, allows you to give access to 3rd-party service providers. Ideal if someone needs to access your flat in an emergency situation.

Open your calendar and make and manage reservations for common premises in your building, such as the sauna, laundry room or gym. There’s no need to log in to separate systems.

How to get iLOQ HOME

If you already have an iLOQ locking system in your home…

…and you want to find out more about unlocking smart living with iLOQ HOME, please contact your property manager or get in touch with your nearest iLOQ retailer.

If you have another locking system in your home…

…and you would be interested in finding out more about iLOQ and unlocking smart living with iLOQ HOME, please contact your property manager, your nearest iLOQ retailer, an iLOQ sales representative or fill in your details on the Contact form and we will get back to you.

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