More access options with NFC and D2D communication

Back in 2007, iLOQ developed a battery-free digital locking system where both the key and the lock cylinder were innovations in the locking industry. With iLOQ, it’s not the shape of the key that determines whether the lock can be opened; it’s the access rights programmed into its chip. And the system is battery free because the cylinder obtains the power for unlocking by the motion of a key being inserted into it.

In 2020, iLOQ went one step further by adding device-to-device communication functionality to its new iLOQ S5 digital locking system. This advanced feature allows a vast amount of data (such as a list of blocked keys, the key’s time limitations, latest time, and accesses of the key) to be remotely updated and quickly shared in both directions between the management software and the readers, keys and locks in a building before a door is unlocked.

This minimizes the need to travel between sites and administration offices to manually import or export data to locks and keys, reduces the expenditure associated with system wiring and drives down lifecycle costs and impact on the environment.

With the launch of this technology, iLOQ converges the worlds of access management and access control.

iLOQ S5 can also be expanded using iLOQ Online to offer fast and easy remote access management of the locking system for single-door access points or as a wired multi-door solution. Remote-controlled lock cylinders, readers or time-controlled electronic doors can be added, and the administration handled from one single system.

The revolutionary new iLOQ N504i reader allows frequently used doors to be opened with a variety of devices:

Typically, properties, such as the Taradell retirement home in Spain, use iLOQ readers for access control by combining identification using standard RFID tags for the vast majority of employees with identification using iLOQ S5 keys for those who need physical keys to the facility.

Staff in Taradell found an ingenious way to move efficiently around the whole facility without the need to share keys or touch the locks which has helped them reduce the spread of the coronavirus. They use their keys to get access to the doors with more traffic by holding them up to the readers, and the same key can be used to open the rest of the doors without touching the locks.

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And administration is simple. Under the same platform, the administrator manages access control by means of readers in the main doors that are wired, with the access management of the rest of the doors that incorporate the iLOQ battery-free electronic cylinders.

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